CAIR wishes for actual anti-muslim hate crime fizzle, as the “perp” tells his side

by Kal El on April 4, 2011 · 8 comments

Do you like this story?

But notice how anytime muslims blow something/someone up, behead a woman for refusal to enter an arranged marriage/file for divorce, kill a teen for not wearing a scarf, riot over cartoons of pedophile Muhamhead, riot over ALLEGED quran burnings, etc… CAIR remains silent, or accuses anyone who brings the islamic behavior up an islamophobe…

Cigar vendor: ‘I was aiding’ hate accuser

An anti-Muslim “hate crime” at a Newport Beach cigar store? Could there be a story more in my wheelhouse?

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has called for the feds to open a hate-crime investigation after a Muslim cab driver said a cigar store owner in concert with three other men assaulted him in front of the store, promising they were “going to f—you up like we f— up your country” as they pummeled him.

When I read news accounts Wednesday morning that one of the accused haters owned the cigar shop on Palm Street on the Balboa Peninsula, I knew the story was suspect. I’ve known Edgar Uria for several years, and that’s just not him. Before I could call Uria, he called me.

Wednesday afternoon found me at his shop puffing on a fine Partagas Serie D, along with Uria’s attorney, Victor Cueto. Uria did almost all the talking, telling a story that makes more sense than the one told by the beating victim to CAIR and the police. It goes:
Late on March 19, two women who had been in Uria’s cigar lounge called for a cab. One arrived outside, steps away from the front door. Unbeknownst to them, it was not from the cab company they’d called. But they got into it anyway and were about to leave when the cab they did call pulled up.

The second cabbie, a middle-aged Arabic man, hopped out and started yelling at the first cabbie, a Hispanic man, for taking his fare. Uria heard the commotion and stepped outside. He heard the Arabic cabbie call the Hispanic cabbie a “f—ing wetback.” The Hispanic cabbie drove away.

At that very moment, three men who had apparently come from a bar around the corner, ran up looking for a cab. One of the three, a Hispanic man, had heard the Arabic cabbie’s slur, and said to him, ‘What the f—did you say?” The cabbie and Hispanic man started cursing at each other. As the cabbie tried to leave, he brushed his arm against the Hispanic man, who punched him in the face.

As Uria yelled to his patrons inside to call the cops, the two men with the Hispanic man joined in and started beating the cabbie. Uria and one of his patrons, Greg Parker, jumped into the melee and pulled off the attackers, who fled. The cops arrived moments later.
As the cabbie and Uria were talking to separate officers, Uria heard the cabbie say, “That’s him!” pointing at Uria.

“My jaw dropped,” Uria says. “I was like, ‘You have got to be kidding me.’ I helped the guy out! I rendered aid!”

Uria also heard the cabbie ask the cop if he wasn’t arresting Uria because he was “white.” (Uria is Cuban.)

“He was pulling the ethnic card right off,” Uria says. “The only derogatory slur was from the cabbie, who said the (other cabbie) was a wetback!”

This all sounds more logical than the version the cabbie told CAIR, which was that Uria confronted him without provocation, saying, “I’m a Marine officer, f— you.” (The cabbie had overhead Uria tell one of the cops he had been a staff sergeant.)

Cueto, Uria’s attorney, gives the cabbie the benefit of the doubt, recognizing that the man was probably dazed and didn’t realize Uria was one of the good guys.

I talked to CAIR director Hussam Ayloush, who concedes “it’s very possible” that Uria’s version is the true one.

“All we do is call for an investigation,” Ayloush said. “There’s always two sides. At this point we’re letting the police decide.”

He said CAIR didn’t get Uria’s side because its policy is not to get involved at that level when there appears to have been a crime committed. He says he feels bad that Uria’s name was made public. CAIR did not identify him by name, but reporters were able to figure out who it was pretty easily.

Uria, meanwhile, is facing local and federal investigations and has received one threatening phone call since the story broke this week in TV, radio and print. He has removed his inventory for fear of reprisal. Although he fears his business will suffer, at least in the short term, but he is confident the police will clear him. For one thing, he says, the cops at the scene noted that his hands were not bruised or bloody – unlike the cabbie’s face.

“They took pictures of my hands, thank God.”

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    Many people will be affected if they do it .. the govt of israel must not let that…

  • Kim Bruce

    The long and short of this story…if you see a melee break out between a Muslim and a Hispanic, don’t get involved…the best you can do is call the cops and just be a good witness to the crime being committed. It doesn’t pay to help.
    The Arab cab driver was wrong for calling the Hispanic man a wetback. That is discrimination. But the men went too far in beating up the cab driver.

  • SirWilhelm

    Nice bit of kitman here: “He said CAIR didn’t get Uria’s side because its policy is not to get involved at that level when there appears to have been a crime committed.” They always jump in on the Muslim’s side, whenever a Muslim appears to be involved in a crime. The half truth is they have a policy, and that’s it, defend Muslims and Islam at all costs.

  • hellosnackbar

    A Patagas?that’s one of my favourites!I didn’t know one could purchase them in the USA.
    Anyway one wonders whether the Mohammedan cab driver was stealing the business after tuning into the taxi
    radio net?
    If he was?then a smack in the mouth would seem quite appropriate for what is tantamount to theft.
    Mohammedans playing the victim/race card is just typical.
    Seems that annoying others is a characteristic of the Muslim mind set.

  • Beejj

    Is there such a thing as a Council on American-Buddhist Relations or a Council on American-Hindu Relations or ….. I could go on, but I’m sure you catch my drift. If not, why not? “I only ask because I want to know.”

    • Tonto

      Bejj, I think that every religious group with a substantial group of voters in it’s ranks has some sort of “representation” and discourse with governments. After all, any group of people is a sort of political entity and that almost demands some kind of liaising function. Jews, Catholics and some Protestant groups have “official offices” that formally or informally, have some contacts within the government here. There are many “informal groups” that are representative of their “church”. Almost ANY religion you can name, or think of, has some group here. Odd though, I’ve known some people for all my life and still have no idea what their religious views are….it’s just not very important to most of us.

      • Beejj

        Thank you, Tonto. It is reassuring to know that people of other religions in America are being looked after, so to speak. By the by, I read this yesterday …………..

        “The Nazi party served two main purposes. Through its ideology it united the people with their leader and through its techniques it perfected the elimination of opposition. It was not a party in the ordinary sense of the word since it could never be satisfied with partial allegiance or partial dominance. It presented a comprehensive, total way of life, explaining everything, past and future, and regulating everything, public and private.”

        Does this remind you of anything?

        • Tonto

          Yeah Beejj. Very American liberal/socialist/marxist as seen in the Obama-nation, and significantly normal for muz theocracies. This might even stand well as a “vision statement” for the dreamed of “caliphate” the muz are having fits of mental masturbation over.
          Back in the 70s, I saw an actual nazi rally in a small town in Michigan. Spiffy, black, sharply pressed uniforms complete with tall shiny black boots….the whole schmeer. I was stunned because I happened to be in the area by accident and heard a ruckus. They were being screamed at by others all around them, but the cops prevented any actual violence. I thought “what a bunch of assholes.” Some guy asked me what I thought of all this..and I said that it looked like children trying to get attention by acting up on a playground…..but the first Amendment of the American Constitution guaranteed their right to have a view and express it. But then, I’d just got back from Vietnam after 3 tours and thought ALL civilians were assholes. Basically, still do.