Dennis Miller vents on islam, and treating muslims like babies

by Kal El on April 8, 2011 · 13 comments

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Actually, he says Faberge Eggs, but babies will suffice as well, in this case.

Dennis Miller rants ‘I’m getting sick of treating Islam like Fabergé eggs’

When it was ultimately discovered Dove World Outreach Center Pastor Terry Jones went through with his threat to burn the Islamic holy book, the Quran, there was a considerable response in the Muslim communities around the globe, including riots that led to the deaths of two American soldiers.

But as despicable as it is to think someone like Jones could have been responsible for that act, comedian and talk show host Dennis Miller vented his frustration over the response. On Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday night, Miller declared the reaction “crazy.”

“Listen, Terry Jones is a moron,” Miller said. “I’m surprised he can get a fire started. But how that leads to guys getting their heads cut off overseas is crap. I’m getting sick of treating Islam like Fabergé eggs, where some moron in the Everglades lights up a book and you decapitate people overseas and people say Terry Jones started it they can start lighting Bibles up tomorrow. They could go ‘Fahrenheit 451’ with ‘Atlas Shrugged,’ my favorite book, and I would shake my head and go people are crazy. But this whole thing about I have got to get out and sever somebody’s head from their body. That’s crazy.”

The Westwood One host said Jones acts aren’t worth people being beheaded, which was the case with two United Nations workers in Afghanistan.

“Listen, Jones would be the U Thant of al-Aaida,” Miller said. “Yeah, he is as stupid as they come. Should that lead to innocents getting beheaded? I think not.”

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  • Tonto

    I’m with Miller on this….bet that comes as a BIG surprise! I’m sick of muz claiming that their delicate sensibilities are being abused while the killing, burning , rape, enslavement and terror emanating from islam continues unabated. If the governments weren’t protecting these pieces of human filth, do you REALLY think there would be any remaining mosques and muz in MANY parts of the world????? The worst part would be cleaning up all the loose body parts scattered all around I think.

  • Anonymous

    I quoted from & linked to the above post at my place, where I have a massive post and roundup on this same subject:

  • Tsquare

    I have to agree with Miller as well and that is rare. Outrage over what that idiot Terry Jones has done should be overshadowed in the news with the burnings of Christian churchs in Iraq and Egypt.

    • Tonto

      Dude, the only idiotic thing the preacher did was to burn some perfectly good outhouse shit paper. That’s all the real good purpose I can think of for a koran. Muz kill, critically injure and rape HUNDREDS of people every week….and have done so, unabated for a long long long time….like what’s new? The preacher burned them to make a point. The muz KILL for the same reason, and never need more of an excuse than the targetr is available. If you don’t know that, either you’re a muz scum bucket or you’re dumber than a rock.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of rants, here’s a great one, gang!

    I want to buy this guy a beer. He says what we all want to say without all the polish.

  • Susanna King

    the only reason people treat Muslims like faberge eggs is because they either feel sorry for these inbreed idoits or they dont have the guts to really kick there asses


      …”people treat Muslims like faberge eggs”…

      Fortunately, I am not included in this category…although is kinda difficult to know exactly what is in people’s minds , for everyone FEARS some backlash – or worse, in case they tell or write that they actually abhorr the Mohamedan Death-Worshipping Cult, a.k.a. Islam.

      • guest

        You know, Palestinians are Christians and atheists as well. Only thing is that they were there first. Better start hating all of them or you might be biased against your own opponent!

        • Sirwilhelm

          They were where first? It doesn’t matter whether we hate Palestinians or not, it’s their hate for Israel based on their so called religious beliefs and political philosophies, that is the root of the problems.

  • Jenifer Earnhart

    Well the reasoning is here is terrible…a. a crazy in the everglades burns a koran…b. crazed muslims hear about it and get pissed which leads to c. the beheading of UN officers and riots in the muslim world. Now if I was to follow that same reasoning with this…a. a crazy Iman burns a bible in Saudi Arabia…b. I hear about it and get pissed which leads to point c. I go out and behead me sum Muslims. I’m thinkin I would not get too far with that line of reasoning but Islam gets to and then play the victim card. *shakes head*

    • guest

      If you heard about an Imam burning a bible and you retaliated by killing some Muslims, your own government would intervene and penalize you for this. If they do it, they’re considered revolutionaries. Go figure.

  • guest

    So I live in Northern California where it’s all the rage to bash on Christians. Every proud atheist has some sort of beef with the bible. But they always have something sympathetic to say about Islam. Today’s pro-Islamic quote from a classmate: “but the Muslims have suffered a lot of oppression.” Really? Does this include the males, too? My parents grew up in the Middle East and from what I hear, the Muslims were the ones doing the oppressing. If you want to be a real atheist, reject all religions equally.
    Also, if you happen to be religious, this doesn’t pertain to you. Just don’t force your beliefs on me and I won’t bother you.

    • hellosnackbar

      Well according to you Atheists are people who sympathise with Mohammedans whilst bashing Christians.
      I’m not one of those.
      I believe in freedom of thought and expression and any atheist who supports Islam which denies both
      these obvious facets of freedom is an idiot.
      I’d rather choose Christians,Sikhs,Hindhus, or Buddhists as companions.
      The leftist atheists like this, are followers of their own political religion who like Mohammedans believe!
      Despite evidence to support the fact that they are deluded.