Iran set to launch halal (allah approved) internet

by Kal El on April 19, 2011 · 0 comments

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Halal internet to be launched in Iran

First Halal internet is to be launched in the Islamic Republic of Iran and is prone to be developed to other Muslim countries.
Halal internet, cleansed of immoral sites is to be launched in Iran and is to improve internet speed in Iran using optical fiber,” according to Ali Agha Mohammadi, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA). 

Vice President’s deputy of Supervision and Coordination of Economic Strategies, Ali Agha Mohammadi said, “The registered consortium ‘Iranian net’ is to better internet speed in our country hence there will be great changed in e-government, electronic marketing and electronic banking.” 

World Wide Web will be available beside the new service, according to Ali Agha Mohammadi and in the first phase will provide service to more than 10 million internet users. 

He stressed the need to feed state internet which is to be launched soon and called for efforts in different cultural fields. 

Previously, Reza Taqi Pour, Iran’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology had said Iran would be the first country to launch clean internet and that the idea had received wide welcome from different countries, particularly Muslim countries including Malaysia and Persian Gulf States.

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