Pakistani PM calls for INTERPOL to act against Florida quran burner. Meanwhile muslims riot and kill in reaction to it, no one notices

by Kal El on April 5, 2011 · 13 comments

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And why should anyone notice? It’s not like muslims are ever held to the same standards of conduct and civility as we are in the West. When some fuckhead puts a crucifix in urine, it is artistic expression. When someone torches Old Glory, it is free speech. Insult the pedophile Muhamhead? HATE CRIME! Call islam violent? HATE SPEECH! See the disturbing pattern there?

Pakistani Minister calls on Interpol and the Pope to condemn Florida Koran burning

Islamabad (AsiaNews) – The Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik – on the recommendation of President Asi Ali Zardari – has sent a letter to Pope Benedict XVI and the Secretary General of Interpol Ronald Nobel, in which calls on them to condemn the burning of the Koran and take action against the instigator, the American pastor Terry Jones. The Senate in Islamabad has also intervened on the episode, unanimously passing a resolution urging the U.S. to bring the controversial preacher to justice.

The mad act of Pastor Wayne Sapp, who last March 20 in Florida burned a Koran under the supervision of the evangelical preacher Terry Jones, has sparked controversy and violence. The initiative has been repeatedly strongly condemned by Christian leaders in Pakistan and India, defined as “an insane and disrespectful act” by a U.S. citizen that has nothing to do with the Christians of Pakistan. However, the burning of the Koran has sparked the reaction of Islamic fundamentalists who, in the space of a few days, have attacked three churches and killed two people, fueling the climate of fear and distrust within the Christian community.

The letter addressed to the head of Interpol, explains Rehman Malik, demands that the matter be treated as a case of “violent crime” and that urgent measures be taken for the future, to ensure such episodes are not repeated. The resolution adopted unanimously by the Senate, as well as requiring urgent action against the pastor Terry Jones, calls on all Muslim countries to express their indignation against the United States and the United Nations to register a “shameful act” towards Islam.

The interior minister also condemns attacks on churches and the burning of some copies of the Bible, the work of Islamic fundamentalists. Malik explains that he has instructed security forces to investigate the matter and take “appropriate measures” to “safeguard the rights of minorities, their properties and sacred places.”

In recent days, the Christian community has repeatedly emphasised that there are no ties between the United States, Pastor Terry Jones and Pakistani Christians, who “were born and belong only to the motherland.” Bishop Anthony Rufin of Islamabad / Rawalpindi, has repeatedly reiterated that “we should not be equated to the Americans.” Fr. Anwar Patras, a Catholic priest, has added that the Christian community, first of all, belongs to Pakistan: “We were born in this land and we will be buried here, we have no connection with Pastor Terry Jones and his sick ideas.”

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  • Anonymous

    Lets see its open season on killing Christians in Muslim countries, nuff said about these animals.

  • hellosnackbar

    Interpol ? What’s the halfwit talking about?
    They have the mistaken impression that infidels should respect the Koranus.
    As I’m basically against book burning as a demonstration of mindless authoritarianism and certainly not in sympathy with fundamentalist Christian fruitcakes.I’m very much in favour of demonstrating contempt for Mohammedans.
    Since this incident has caused them discomfort it might be useful to have a worldwide Koran incineration day
    just to put the pigs in their sty.

  • Anonymous

    They can send interpol after this brave lady too, one of my “home girls.”

  • Beejj

    Interpol? Why? In what way has Terry Jones broken the law? As a lover of books I hate the thought of damaging them, so let us modify Jones’s idea and, instead, have a Fart On The Koran Day. This has the advantage that one can repeat the performance whenever one is moved to do so. Fart On The Koran Every Day! Meanwhile you are all advised to invest heavily in the baked bean industry.

  • Ruderichard

    All muslims are terrorist and must be exterminated….

  • Tonto

    Frankly, and incidently, I don’t much care who likes or doesn’t like it, I think the Rev in Florida burnt some real fine “Outhouse paper”. I bet it would work better than, but not be as much fun as, the Sears catalogs that we used to use. That said, the truth is, that muz have PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are murderous inbred bastards that screw their moms and sisters and kill them when they get tired of them. Muz don’t need a REASON to kill or destroy…..they just need a target and a excuse. They have been doing this crap for centuries, for any excuse at every opportunity, and it is absolutely SILLY to say they killed a bunch of people cause some clown in Florida burnt some pislamic books. They were eyeballing those people for a long time trying to come up with some excuse or other to kill them. And I’ll bet my best hat that that is the real story! The political pukes making a “statement” about this stuff are such hacks and idiots, including the dumb-assed General (fer fucks sakes!) it’s a pity! Never saw so many political jack-offs with their heads PUBLICLY up their own asses……….it’s amazing!

    • Tonto

      Pislamic pukes kill because “outsiders” make them feel small, stupid, and second or third rate….and they can’t stand it. They can’tBEAR to have the PROOF of how backward they really are in their faces for any length of time. It puts the lie of islam in public display complete with visual aids.


    I hate Islam and whoever supports its abominable hipocracy. Don’t they have MIRRORS ???

  • Nyandjim

    They’re just trying to act like Mohammed taught them to act.

  • Hindu

    Pakistani duo are accused of cannibalism

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