UK jihadi group declares royal wedding a legitimate target

by Kal El on April 28, 2011 · 12 comments

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What a surprise, jihadis say a wedding is a legitimate target for jihad. But let the warriors of the West bomb a jihadi training camp and they get all butt hurt and declare it a war crime, blaming the deaths of their human shields on us.

Muslim group claims royal wedding is legitimate terror target

The royal wedding is a “legitimate target” for a terrorist attack because of Britain’s foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, a radical Islamic group has claimed.

Muslims Against Crusades, which had its application to protest on Friday turned down by police, yesterday urged Muslims to stay away from central London when Prince William marries Kate Middleton and to avoid all means of public transport due to the heightened risk of an attack.

Assad Ullah, leader of the extremist campaign group, insisted that it had no “inside knowledge” but was simply repeating security fears that have already been widely reported.

“There is a legitimate Islam opinion that those who have been attacked have the right to retaliate,” he said.

“British foreign policy is causing this kind of feeling and increasing the instability in this country. We do not advocate violence but can see how they made themselves a legitimate target for others.”

Announcing that the group had abandoned its plans to protest against the wedding, group spokesman Abu Abbas said: “We urge all Muslims to stay away from the royal wedding, not only because of the drinking, drug taking and sexual promiscuity but because of the likelihood of an attack by the Mujahideen.

“We urge all Muslims to stay away from public places and all public transport, trains, buses and tubes around central London.”

The group, which was founded last year after the radical group Islam4UK was banned, was heckled and police forced to intervene as Abbas criticised British policy outside Parliament in Westminster against a backdrop of banners, one reading: “Wanted: Prince William… Modern Day Nazi.”.

Abbas said: “The killing of Muslims, the raping of Muslim women and the imprisonment of Muslims are increasing the instability in this country.

“We will not be participating and demonstrating, we are withdrawing our souls due to the risk of an attack. We believe it is highly likely, it is a prime target.

“Many people feel that they have been oppressed and have a score to settle with the Royal Family. We can see why they see them as a legitimate target.”

As the group accused the Royal Family of being responsible for war crimes, onlookers shouted: “You’re all on benefits anyway” and “Long live the Queen”.

One of the Muslims retorted: “You paid for this camera, you pay for my benefits, you’re basically my slave.”

The hardline group, which earned notoriety last year when protesters gathered in London to burn poppies on Armistice Day, said that it had decided to issue the warning after advice from its teacher Sheikh Omar Bakri who has issued a Fatwa against the wedding

Earlier this month firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary also told Muslims to avoid Westminster Abbey. He said: “If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded.”

Around 5,000 police officers will be joined by many more undercover and hundreds of soldiers in uniform in Westminster on the wedding day.

Assistant Commissioner Lynne Owens said: “Any criminals attempting to disrupt the day, in protest or otherwise will be met by a robust, decisive, flexible and proportionate police response.

“We want the public to be our eyes and ears and report anything suspicious or unusual.”

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  • Hellosnackbar

    Legitimate target eh?
    Well if they believe they can call anything a legitimate target;then that surely gives us the right to target them in any way
    we please.Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
    I could send a truckload of pigshit round to the local mosque;maybe that would help keep their minds fertile.


    And I say Mecca is a legitimate target. A nuclear warhead – armed Tomahawk would suffice to erase that Islamic SHITHOLE to oblivion.
    That’s what I’d tell muslims that insist on calling themselves ” British Muslims”, if I were the British PM.
    ” Do something funny at the Royal Wedding and you’re gonna pay DEARLY for it, such as starting to pack your stuff to LEAVE this country you despise so much “.

    • Beejj

      Last night, JH, I read a translation of that which Mohammed told his opportunistic followers concerning the directionality of prayer. As you well know, these tragics have to face Mecca when they pray. It’s a fascinating business. Consider, for example, a mohammedan 180 degrees displaced from Mecca, wherever that might be on the surface of our planet. Mathematically, he should lie on the floor facing downwards to point towards Mecca when praying, but he doesn’t. One wonders if these children of iniquity have ever pondered this. Verily, prayers have a kind of curvature that follow the contours of the Earth’s surface – up hill and down dale in order to arrive at Mecca. But perhaps they don’t actually arrive at Mecca – perhaps the notion of facing the damned place when praying (facing it non-subterraneanly [I am allowed to coin new words, just as Shakespeare was!], that is) was this some kind of ploy concocted by Mo to add mystique to his impoverished doctrine? Dear me, this is a can of worms, isn’t it? When mohammedan murderers fly aeroplanes into buildings or set off their suicide bombs they have a tendency to yell HELLOSNACKBAR. Is this a kind of final prayer? Surely they are not necessarily facing Mecca when they shout it. As a lover of physics, though, I am even more enchanted by the notion that Islamic prayer is a vector!!! It thus ranks alongside velocity and force. Hell’s teeth! No wonder mohammedans feel superior to Christians: Christian prayer is non-directional – it is a mere scalar!

      By the way, Messi is not as good as Maradona or Pele or di Stefano or Best!! He’s damned good, though.

      • Hellosnackbar

        Scalars and vectors Beejj ?great thinking! although such concepts I suspect have never entered the mind of
        Muslim scholars!
        Maybe they believe praying emits a modulated beam of neutrinos which can pass unhindered to Mecca;there to be relayed upwards towards Allah’s pad in the sky.
        Another question for some learned Imam is the subject of defaecation?
        We are told that ablution orientation must be constructed so that the anal orifice never faces Mecca during
        the egestion process;and that they use a compass to ensure this does not happen.
        Thus one may pose the question as to what a Muslim might do if he/she were at the north or South pole?
        And of course whether Muslims in Mecca take constipating drugs like codeine to ensure no rectal motion when in
        Mecca?(are there any ablutions in Mecca?)
        Every time I see someone praying I cynically laugh at the one way conversation that the petioner has with whomsoever is the intended recipient.
        I’ve never heard of anyone receiving a reply.
        It would make an hilarious sketch if some Muslim mutt got one through some concealed loudspeaker; telling
        the petioner that he was not Allah, but Zeus; and that Allah had been thrown into hell.

        • Hellosnackbar

          Incidently after seeing Messi’s display against Real I believe he’s right up there.
          His first goal involved a truly astonishing burst of pace around a defender to prod the ball with his right foot away from the goalkeeper’s despairing right hand.
          The second was right out of the George Best training book: he ran at a packed defense with swerving pace,balance, and sublime ball control ;avoiding tackles from four defenders and just slottedthe ball in.
          The goal keeper hardly moved due to the speed at which was done.
          His goal tally this season is 53.better than a goal per match.
          He shares a sort of Nijinski ability with George Best.

          • JEWHAWK

            Is VERY SAD that here in Brazil, George Best’s name as an accomplished footballer isn’t mentioned at all. I wonder why, because the Charlton brothers were very admired in these neck of woods. My commie uncle was also an ardent football fan and LOVED Bob Charlton’s playing, but did not mention George Best.
            Today, British Premier League is a HUGE success here in Brazilian TV and cable. I reckon the matches are far better than Brazilian ones, where our players insist in DIVING to provoke penalty kicks and a sick attitude in demanding yellow and red cards to bewildered referees. It’s shameful, although Brazilian-born players like PEPE and the criminal FELIPE MELLO lurks about the best clubs in Europe.

          • hellosnackbar

            JH George was much admired by Pele and Maradonna in fact Marradonna made a great effort to meet him before he died.(Pele already had).
            You can see some clips of his amazing skill on YouTube.Tell me what you think?
            As a kid I loved Brasilian soccer and still think that the likes of Pele and Garrincha may never be seen again.
            I also saw recently a documentary on Johan Cruijff(pythagorus in boots).
            They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore(Messi being the nearest.)
            There was a documentary on Bobby Charlton last night who said that Duncan Edwards was a player whom he was totally in awe of(died in the Munich air crash)
            Sadly there is almost no film archive of Duncan(first pick for Engand at 18 years of age).
            The documentary was a reminder of Bobby,s ability to score goals(many)from outside the 18yard box.

    • HerschelGoldstein

      Vy are they trying to hit the wedding? Maseltov, I say. In any event, this bombing Mecca seems like a good idea. Ve could clear up a lot of potentially valuable real estate. My other cousin Avi is an investment banker. He could clear up some money for us and Ve could flip the property and get a good price on it!

      • Hellosnackbar

        Herschel my boy;here’s a little account of sex within Islam.
        Maybe you could apply your business brain and work out a profit strategy?

      • JEWHAWK

        “Hershel” how about sucking your cousin Avi’s cock ?
        The “milk” you’re gonna swallow will be “kosher”…

        • HerschelGoldstein

          Are you saying I’m a faygala? Shame on you! If your mother heard you now…break her heart it vould! What makes you speak like this, my son? Are you vone of these self-hating jews I read about? Let’s not talk like this bubbe, ve should sit and have a gnosh some time

  • Anonymous

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