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The internet is going nuts right now talking about the news…

Update (AP): Reuters says it was indeed U.S. special forces that did the honors. Awesome. Imagine being that guy.

I got TONS of new updates on Twitter and Facebook. Take your pic!

Bin Laden was killed a week ago in a ground attack. He was killed in a mansion outside Islamabad in Pakistan. There were also reports that he was shot?

The US has his body. His death was confirmed through DNA testing.

The announcement will stream live here.

ABC reported:

Bin Laden was killed in a ground attack by Joint Special Operations Command forces working with the CIA, not a drone strike, a national security source told ABC News.

According to a national security source, a compound in Pakistan where therror mastermind was believed to be had been monitored for months. When the decision was made to move on it, special operations forces were sent across the border from Afghanistan to launch a ground attack and take the body.

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  • Beejj

    Best news ever. Well done, Americans. To all you mourning islamic scumbags, let me repeat: Nobody fucks with the Yanks!

    • Anonymous

      Credit goes to our allies as well, bin laden was found due to the efforts of the intelligence agencies of England, France, Germany and Italy.

      Americans, none of whom were killed or injured, made the kill after following the leads from our allies.

      • Beejj

        I find it impossible to believe that the Pakistani government did not aid bin Laden during his years of hiding. His years of hiding. That’s delicious, isn’t it? Almost ten years of living in fear …. what a wretched existence!

        • Anonymous

          The whole Pakistani thing was like an ongoing Monty Python sketch: every time Bush, Obama or their tin soldiers lauded the “aid” from “our Pakistani counterparts” it was followed by an unspoken *WINK*WINK*NUDGE*NUDGE*SAY NO MORE!”

          However, unlike Python, it wasn’t funny.

          But what is funny is knowing that bin laden and all of his mujhadeens who proceeding him in shuffling off this mortal coil are NOT boinking their houris and pearly boys. They’re just dead.

          • hellosnackbar

            Switched on the BBC world service at the exact time that Obambi began his speech.
            I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy!
            No doubt Hollywood will latch on to this with a fervour(nod,nod,wink, wink, say no more.)
            Loved that IC ;in fact the Python team should reassemble to lampoon Islam.
            Kudos to everyone involved with the elimination of this evil piece of shit.
            I subscribe to Beejj’s view that it’s only with the connivance of some Paki turds ; that bin liner could have
            possibly survived for so long.(his son also perished).
            He was buried at sea!(in a pig skin sarcophagus?)
            I can’t wait for the full revelation as to how they found him; no doubt the Pakis will claim some of the kudos, as a damage limitation exercise (who owned the mansion?)
            I think this is the first time that I’ve ever celebrated the death of anybody;and I’m loving it.
            The only thing I fear is that Al Qaeda will kill a whole load more in an attempt to re-establish their credentials.
            But the message “you can run;but you can’t hide” is now firmly established.
            I wonder if old Binny wore brown trousers for ten years?

      • Sarah

        Absofrickenlutely IC!!

    • Sarah

      I flippin love you guys! Best site EVER.

  • Beejj

    In the eyes of many – most? – this will redound to the credit of Obama and will do his re-election prospects no end of good. You know the kind of thing: Obama gets Osama. I argue strongly, however, that Bush deserves the credit since it was he that set the ball rolling in the hunt for this dreadful man.

    I wonder how long it will be before the oh-so-wise rap American knuckles over their rejoicing of the villain’s passing. They will, of course, state the bleeding obvious in telling us that this triumph does not end Islamic terrorism. Golly gosh, is that so? Gee, tell us more, Einsteins.

    • hellosnackbar

      Just seen an interview with a rather intelligent Paki Cambridge intellectual in which she states that the complicity of the Paki military and intelligence authorities is obvious.
      It’s now been revealed that they weren’t told! and that the operation was carried out by CIA special forces.
      Met one whilst yachting; a grizzled veteran of secret operations in Laos(a colonel).
      I remember thinking that he was a person that one would be foolish to make an enemy of.
      He was the first person I ever heard use the term Californicators.(he was Texan and very bright)
      Just heard that the Hamassholes have condemned this action as the assassination of a “holy warrior”
      Funny how these brain dead arse holes believe terrorists should be allowed to carry out murder with

      • hellosnackbar

        Even more details coming out.
        Bin Liner’s house was situated just 100 yards from ISS headquarters and surrounded by a six metre wall
        and barbed wire.
        It’s rather like the Stan Freberg comedy record “little blue riding hood”-sawn off shotgun,knife,gun;nothing suspicious?
        Tim Marshall(remember him?) showed us google maps of the area and conjectured that those soldiers taking part must have had helmet video cameras; and that they must have taken several photos of BL’s
        corpse and DNA samples.
        I wonder if Tom (take a)Cruise is commissioning a real life Mission Impossible IV?

        • Infidelesto

          You should really check out my Twitter and Facebook streams. I have even more details over there. Haven’t had time to update the blog.

        • Sarah

          Can’t remember her name offhand, but Diane someone, big news lady, did an interview with the former president of ‘pakiland’ tonight. She said, ‘The U.S gave you 2 BILLION DOLLARS over the years in the combined effort to hunt down Bin Laden, yet he was in a million dollar mansion, practically spitting distance from your army base for 5 to 6 YEARS.. What does that say about Pakistani intelligence????!’ Bahahahahahahahaha

          • Anonymous

            Diane Sawyer?

            Did she really have the balls to ask Musharaff that?

            And what was that pudgy little twerps answer?

          • Sarah

            I can’t believe I couldn’t remember the Sawyer part of Diane Sawyer. : / Yep, she said those very words!! He got visably upset, and put blame on the CIA, etc. I laughed like a hyena.

      • Anonymous

        The newly installed “democratic” muslim brotherhood in Egypt is also condemning the “murder” of bin laden.

        Ah, but we’re just a bunch of “cruel, bigoted, racists” who pick on these poor misunderstood people who’s culture is just a “little different” than ours.

        I too read on CNN that the paki isi was “kept out of the loop” on this one. It took the U.S. almost 10 years that it was more than just coincidence that every time the isi was informed ahead of time bin laden was gone by the time special forces closed in on him.

        And I think it was ABC news that mentioned that the U.S. government is going to provide “protection” for the paki forces because they fear retaliation from the “misunderstanders and hijackers of islam” among their own population. It is, of course, just and excuse to give more of my tax money to the very people who would abuse, rape and kill me if given half a chance.

        • Beejj

          I don’t whether to laugh or cry when Muslims use the word “martyr” for those of their number who die violently. Perhaps English dictionaries are like the Koran – can’t be translated.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t do either, I get screaming mad. It’s not a misunderstanding of the meanings of the word on their part. It’s the degenerate nature of their belief system and twisted psychologies.

            They have three different words for murderer, victim and martyr. Martyr is istishad (shaheed is normally not used as a noun), victim is qurbaan and murderer is qatil. In Turkish: sehit, kurban and katil.

            What can’t be translated is their humanity. In their degenerate psyches a kuranimal who dies while killing kaffrs for allah IS a martyr as is one who is killed for his or her beliefs especially one killed by us kaffrs. On the other hand a kaffr who was killed for his or her beliefs is simply a qurbaan. It’s pure insanity.

            Come to think of it, I’m not sure about arabic but in Turkish there are TWO words for god. Their god is allah. When they refer to the god of the Jews/Christians/Hindus/pagans they use tanri.

            Can racist tinged psychosis be translated?

          • Sarah

            The way I see it Beej, is that they can call themselves ‘martyrs’ until they’re blue in the face. I can call myself a frog, and die believing so.. that just doesn’t necessarily make it true. Go ahead and let them die believing that. It just means they have a very rude awakening coming.. To be a fly on that wall…

    • Anonymous

      “this will redound to the credit of Obama and will do his re-election prospects no end of good.”

      I thought about that this very morning and thought “it’s a bit early for campaign stunts” as Americans have a notoriously short attention span and short term memory loss.

      Anyways, I hope so. I don’t think I can survive 4 more years of nobama and his liberal screech monkeys.

      And there is one repulsive oh-so-wise elitist cow at the Washington Post who has waxed nauseous about Americans celebrating bin laden’s “murder.”

      She actually compared the celebration of the death of a self declared combatant who orchestrated the deaths of countless civilians with the celebrations of muslim civilians celebrating the murders of non-combatant civilians by aforementioned combatant.

      • Beejj

        IC, you expected this to happen, didn’t you? I refer to your mention of the oh-so-wise elitist cow of that squalid rag, the Washington Post. Just imagine how she and her ilk would have reacted, had they been alive and operating in 1945, to Churchill’s action when he stood for the first time on the banks of the Rhine: he unbuttoned his trousers and pissed in it!

        • Anonymous


          I was telling my mom this morning that Churchill had to put up with the same kind of loons when he was trying to warn about the nazis. The man was a tower of strength and resolve to have not gone mad from the insanity and stupidity of the nay sayers. Now it is not just Britannia that needs another Churchill, the whole world needs one. And you’re right, I expected and expect much more treacle from the poison pens and venomous mouths of these pricks and p*ssies.

          And thank you for sharing that story of Churchill pissing in the Rhine. What a brilliant gesture from a brilliant man! That is NOT something they teach in American history classes. As my mom always says “it’s better to be pissed off than pissed on.” Unless of course, as Churchill demonstrated you’re the one doing the pissing.

          As for the elitist screech monkeys, they would have tried, convicted and executed him on the spot for “war crimes.”

    • Sarah

      American.. guilty as charged.. However, obviously this isn’t the end of Islamic terrorism.. Do people really think that??! I also agree that that moron in the White House will issue his own ticker tape parade because HE, SINGLEHANDEDLY took out Osama. Yeah ok. The previous 10 years helped in no way? I am a NOBAMA MAMA, and if I had to vote for Lady Gaga to get this idiot out of the White House, I would. Jes Sayin.

  • Tsquared

    This is great news! Bin Laden was the lowest type of scum. GO Navy! Head shot, I love it.

    Now to worry about all the other $hitheads. A good mulim is a dead muslim.

  • SirWilhelm

    I picture Bin Ladin in the demon’s paradise with 72 male demons lining up behind him and asking him to bend over and demonstrate the position he takes when praying to Allah, so they can properly reward his ass.

    • hellosnackbar

      That’s an alternative that Mohammedans would refuse to accept;e even though they acknowledge that Allah
      is a deceiver.

    • Anonymous

      No he’s screaming “Oh crap, it’s 72 VIRGINIANS not 72 virgins! muhammad, please pass the ky.”

      • Sarah

        Or 72 VIRGILS saying, ‘You shore do got a purty mouth!’

        • Anonymous

          No kidding, last night, I remembered an “Onion” interview with Mohammad Atta in hell not long after the attacks on 9/11. It was screamingly funny. I thought, “I hope they do an interview in the same vein with bin laden.” I imagined the very same Deliverance scenario you just mentioned for bin laden.

          Interviewer: So, osama, tell me, are you satisfied with Jannah. Is it all you expected it be?

          osama: Well, Karl, I can’t say I’m over joyed. I worked so hard on pleasing allah, I killed many of you naji kaffrs for allah. Allahu akbar! I would at least expect him to have the houris here on time but so far I’m all alone here.

          Interviewer: Are you telling me that there are no houris, osama? What about the pearly boys where are they?

          osama: Karl, I won’t lie to you, I was more excited about having my pearly boys than the houris but even they are late.

          Interviewer: Osama, can you describe Jannah for me? Is it like the garden of Babylon?

          osama: Well, Karl, I’m surprised, allah, bismillah did not prepare Jannah as a tablecloth spread out. I see only trees with green squishy stuff on them and it smells a bit musty like the armpits of my brave wife who shielded me from those naji kaffrs last night. She was brave but a stupid woman so allah, inshallah, has put her in Jahannam and allah knows best!

          Interviewer: Yes, yes he does, osama. Do you ….

          osama: Karl, Karl, stop speaking you infidel pig! I hear someone coming! I hope it’s my pearly boys, inshallah!

          Interviewer: osama, describe the pearly boys to me.

          osama: Karl, I see three boys but they’re not pearly. I must say I think allah is most deceitful! They are hairy
          and dirty like infidels. They sound like evil American dogs! allah! allah! This is osama your faithful slave! I don’t want the pearly boys! I’ll take the houris! allah! allah! are you there? Karl, one of them just told me I got a purty mouth what is this purty? Does he mean “pearly” mouth? No, no, no, you stupid dirty American kaffr dogs, I am NOT a pearly boy! What do you mean “squeal like a pig?” You’re the pigs, allah said so in the noble and holy quraan! Wait! Stop! Get your hands off of me you infidel! I am not a pearly boy, I am not even a boy I am a eunach! Oh allah, what test is this??? bismiiiiiiiiiooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, ugh, owwww, Karl, Karl, this is not Jannah it’s Jahannum! This…is…the…Jeeewwwwwwssss….fault……sqqqquueeeeaaaallll.

          Interviewer: Once again lady karma dishes out her just desserts.

          • Sarah

            I literally just spit coffee allllll over my computer screen! YES! Awesome morning read!!!

          • Anonymous

            Glad I could bring a smile to your day. :)

    • Sarah

      Just as long as they’re hog demons.

  • pevans1

    The Devil,s Profit is dead! …May he forever burn in Hell!!!

  • DemocraticAmerican

    Suck it Conservadicks! Your stupid douchebag president was sitting on his ass and Barack got the job done. So much for ‘soft on terror!’ Guess this’ll shut you up about how democrats aren’t getting the job done. Obama got us out of Iraq, Obama got a bullet in Public Enemy #1′s face!

    • Anonymous

      Hussein did f**k all. It was U.S. Special forces acting on intelligence collected over years by German, British, French and Italian intelligence agencies that “got a bullet in public enemy #1′s face.”

      All madhi Hussein did was sign the order to execute operations. And I’m sure he dragged his feet for as long as possible before signing just like he and his caliph Holder are doing in withholding evidence in the trial of another of their mujahedeen: Nidal Hassan.

      Hussein has not gotten U.S. troops out of Iraq, they’re still there. Almost 50,000 of them are still there.

      So you suck it you typically ill informed nobama boot licker.

      • Matthew Salazar


        Man, conservadicks are sore losers. Save your bitching for someone who cares

        • Anonymous

          At least conservatives “bitch” with the facts. Of course, I’m not a conservative. I’m pro-abortion. In your case retroactively.

          What exactly did the conservatives “lose” is the million dollar question.

          What’s funny about your whole conservative rant is the troops who wasted osama were probably conservative as the majority of American troops are. I remember pencil-necked geeks like you bitching about Bush’s re-election. You were all screaming “military baby-murderers voted for him, you deserve to die in Iraq because you voted for Bush the war monger!”

          Stop wasting your time and get your arse to the “whorefare” office before it closes. Wouldn’t want you missing out on your monthly government check.

          And don’t forget, when those conservatives do get tired of your unverifiable liberal crap…they’re the “racist rednecks with all the guns” and even worse for dorks like you…they’re RETIRED MILITARY racist rednecks with guns.

          • Sarah

            The other interesting point is that you’d be hard pressed to find any demo, leftard actually FIGHTING over there for what they believe in. They’ll stand on the sidelines and scream when they think they see an injustice, but they’re too big a pussy to join. They’d rather just sit and scream and point fingers at those giving their VERY LIVES to give these asshole schmucks on the left the fucking RIGHT to stand and scream and otherwise do nothing. YOU’RE WELCOME MATTHEW. My husband fights for your pussy ass to sit and type on a computer and whine and have nothing more intelligent to say other than the diarrhea and vomit spilling out of your rotten mouth.

          • Anonymous

            Give your husband a sincere thank you from me.

            Lefties are the first ones to scream “warmonger” and “baby killers.”

            And they’ll be the first ones to scream “where are the soldiers” when they get their asses in a sling.

            Of course, when you ask them “okay, let’s get rid of the military, the police, FBI, CIA, DEA and all private security, let’s take away all the guns. What do we do when a criminal cartel rolls into town? What do we do when a hostile foreign military rolls into town?”

            Either they don’t answer or they scream “there would be no criminal cartels and foreign military’s wouldn’t be hostile if we just disarmed!”

            I sometimes wonder what frigging planet these idiots are from. Did not any of them have to deal with a bully at any time during their school days?

            I think they are either truly naive kumbayaers who honestly, but mistakenly, believe that if we lay down our guns everyone else will.

            Or they’re marxist/communist democracy haters in the same vein as nobama and KNOW that doing so would be the end of America and that is what would warm the cockles of their evil little hearts.

            And yes, I agree, they are all colossal p*ssies at heart.

        • Sarah

          I’m a ‘conservadick’. How am I a sore loser? I’m thrilled beyond belief that that monster will never again breathe the sweet breath of life. See, the difference between us ‘conservadicks’ and you leftards is that you leftards NEED that ‘WE got him! Not you! Nah nah nah nah nah nah!’ And us ‘conservadicks’ just want the fuckin job done. Doesn’t matter who does it, just git’ er done. For people who claim to be soooooo open minded, left, and democratic, you sure are showing how childish, whiney, and ass backwards you are.

      • Sarah

        A-FUCKIN-MEN. I love you, IC.

      • R A W


        • Sarah

          RAW, I am a BEYOND proud American. My husband serves in the Army, my father, and grandfather and grandfather before him also served. I cry when I hear the National Anthem, I feel the pressure of excitement swelling up so fiercly in my chest that the only way to let it out is to scream… but you, my dear, are making me a tad bit embarrassed to be American right now. You honestly think we did this with no one elses help? Comon hun, wake up. I’m thrilled that there are still those out there as patriotic as I, but you’re completely feeding into the ignorant, podunk stereotype that so many other nations in the world see us as.. Be the bigger guy, and accept the fact that we civilized nations work as a team…

        • Beejj

          RAW, if you take the trouble to go through the many posts I have written here you will see that I, a Welshman, love America and always defend it when the rabid insult it. As a keen student of history I am acutely aware of the benefits Americans have brought and continue to bring to the world. When I read your words a few minutes ago, though, I was reminded that for all its glories, not every American is worthy of respect: some of them (gaze into the mirror at this juncture) must cause the majority squirming embarrassment every now and then.

        • Anonymous

          You know, as much as I hate the liberal loons who would have HANDED AMERICA TO OSAMA IF THEY COULD HAVE, I hate Americans who fit the liberal stereotype of “ignorant racist redneck American” which you just so amazingly demonstrated.

          Had you actually read my post I corrected the nobama arse licking liberal who made it sound like that communist piece of crap in the White House personally smoked bin laden. I gave credit to U.S. special forces. I love this country. I’m probably more “REDDD WHITE AND BLUEEE ” THAN YOU, dumbass.

          Unlike you, however, my patriotism is far deeper than chest thumping and vicariously taking credit for the dangerous job our military men and women do everyday. “We” did not kill bin laden, “USA” did not kill bin laden, “Hussein Obama” did not kill bin laden. A small team of brave, highly skilled and dedicated U.S. special forces killed bin laden. And yes, I have since learned they were Navy Seals because one of their fallen comrades was a young man from home state.

          People like you are no better than the muhammadan knuckle-draggers. You probably sit on your arse all day playing WoW and think you’re a warrior. You fist bump your friends and scream oogah oogah when your favorite b ball player makes a basket. And here you are prancing around like it was you who risked your life to finally smoke osama. You are as pathetic as the libtard above who tried to take credit away from the troops who killed bin laden and give it to the communist infiltrator idiots like voted into office.

          I have no doubt in my mind that you are one of those morons who thinks it’s just those AAA rabs who are ragheads who are our enemies. No doubt you are one of those bufoons who would beat the crap out of a Sikh screaming at him “go home you sand N*gger!” because you’re too stupid to know that Sikhs have taken more crap from the actual “ragheads” than America has. You’re too f*cking stupid to know enemy from foe. Your so uneducated and short sighted that you think all aaa rabs are dark skinned sand n*ggers that you’d be the idiot that let’s the aryan looking white chick who’s actually a jihadi onto the plane because shes RED WHITE AND BLUEEEEE!!!

          Twats like you are the reason the liberals who are giving our country away to those “Aaa rabs” have so much ammunition. islam is more dangerous than communism ever was to America but because of dickheads like you liberals can go “see! Only racist, uneducated rednecks are opposed to islam!” Unfortunately you are a product of the marxist/communist indoctrination that has all but destroyed our education system.

          Beejjj, have I filled my potty mouth quota for the day yet?

          • hellosnackbar

            Just read an article of conjecture in the Daily T from Peter Oborne.
            The conjecture is that the Pakis have known for a long time the whereabouts of OBL and put him in an area where they could keep an eye on him.
            The Americans found out and gave the Pakis no choice in the matter.
            The Pakis didn’t want to be involved;so pretended that they knew nothing.
            This makes a lot of sense bearing in mind the geographical location of Abbotihad.
            If a flight of helicopters could travel across hundreds of miles of Paki territory then the Indian military
            would be falling about laughing at Paki incompetence.
            I’m not a conspiracy theorists ;but the news packaging of this event shows the Pakis as at best reluctant.
            I can only surmise that the Yanks said either you turn a blind eye;or we’ll unload a daisy cutter on the compound and there’ll be no more money.
            Pakis need h a lot more bullying.
            Sew the wind and reap the whirlwind; the words of “bomber Harris”.
            I love apolitical chaps like bomber.

          • Anonymous

            It’s been an ongoing unspoken secret that the pakis knew more than they were telling since day one.

            They’ve been playing this like the classic disability insurance fraudster for as long as they could.

            It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. They stopped playing the two-faced pakis’ game and nailed bin laden but there’s still more work to be done in afghoonystan; it’s grand central for every Tom, Dick and Harry and hairy dicked revert from every “stan” on the planet who imagines himself a mujahedeen.

            I must confess I had never heard of “Bomber Harris” and you and Storm Rider quoting “sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” reminded me of an old Ultravox song “reap the wild wind.” I looked up Sir Arthur Harris and read the whole quote. He said of the nazis what I feel about all these bronze aged muhanimals.

            Britain withstood the onslaught from the krauts BECAUSE UN-pc, strong willed and patriotic men were in charge. We, the entire western world, need men like them now. Men who weren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and “get their hands dirty”. Now we have “men” who smile and shake hands and make deals with the enemy and the enemies of the enemy while plotting how to covertly subvert the deals. Men who not only can’t roll up their sleeves, they’d run around screaming “get it off me! get it off meeeee!” if they ever did get their hands dirty.

            To paraphrase Beejj and your Sir Arthur Harris, “you can f*ck with the Brits or the Yanks but eventually you will reap what you sow.”

    • Sarah

      Out of Iraq??? Really? Last I checked we still had battle buddies all over the place. By the way, OBAMA did NOTHING. The MEN AND WOMEN in the middle east GOT THE JOB DONE. Obama was either golfing, wanking, or vacationing when public enemy #1 was killed. *eyeroll*

  • Anonymous

    And how many times have we been told:

    “he’s not a real muslim!”????

    If he’s “not a real muslim why was “great care” taken to ensure that he was buried according to islamic burial rituals and WHY is Al Azhar (the highest authority of islamic jurisprudence in Egypt) whining that his burial at sea is a sin? Why should they care if he’s “not a real muslim?”

    Come on! When are people going to wake up?! The excuses “he/she is not a real muslim” or “he/she hijacked or misinterpreted islam” are simply lies.

    If I went all jihadi and started quoting Catholic canonical texts as my right to and motivation for murder and screaming “Jesus and the pope are the greatest!” before murdering non Catholics, the LAST thing I would expect anyone to do is bury me in accordance to Catholic custom. I certainly would not expect the Holy See to whine if I WASN’T read my last rites or buried in accordance to Catholic custom.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic, folks, but you will love this. Over on jihad watch we FINALLY got a kuranimal, a Uighar, kuranimal who posts under the i.d. HORSE, answer the million dollar question: If mein kuranmpf can only be understood in arabic what about all the kuranimals who read mein kuranmpf in their native langauges? Are they real kuranimals?

    Here’s the answer from the horse’s mouth:

    “if muslims don’t have access to an arabic language quran, and are using translations, then they are fake like the Nation of Islam organization in America, who are not muslim.”

    That’s only a snippet of his post but that one sentence so succinctly demonstrates his and allah’s racism. Here’s a link to the whole post:

    • hellosnackbar

      Very interesting IC especially your remonstrations with the Horse’s arse.
      Arabic the most important language in the world?(then why do first world countries not teach it?)
      It just shows the delusional world these cretins live in.
      Yes I can understand any nationalist bleating to defend their culture;but when it conflicts with the empiricism of reality it becomes a figure of fun.
      An example here is Irish Gaelic.(compulsory in schools)but spoken by about 3 percent of the population.
      And that fool the horse wants to force Arabic on the Turks!
      Attaturk hated Islam blaming it for the backwardness of his country.
      And now this comedian Erdogan is effectively dismantling Attaturk’s reforms.
      Turkey joining the EU?even PC fools in Euroland balk at the thought of free passage for 80 million ill educated Mohammedans.
      I’m just wondering when the Turkish army will throw out Erdogan and his gang.

      • Anonymous

        “Yes I can understand any nationalist bleating to defend their culture;but when it conflicts with the empiricism of reality it becomes a figure of fun.”

        What’s really tragic is this horse’s ass is not even an arab. He’s a Uighar!

        They can’t, they’ve been effectively castrated.

        In late 2007 I was talking to a Turkish friend of mine whose father and uncle were both fairly high ranking Air Force officers. Actually, his family have been military officers since Ataturk’s days. They are hardcore Kemalists. He said both of them were not just disheartened at the turn Turkey was taking but scared. At that time they had known for several years that Erdogan and Gulen’s people were infiltrating all branches of the military and no one knew who to trust. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not.

        In the summer 2008 of the government arrested several members of Ergenekon a group made up of active duty and retired military officers. They were planning a coup but are still sitting in prison.

        All hope for Turkey was lost earlier last year when the government arrested 52 active duty and retired military officers. One was the Navy’s Chief Admiral. These were not just ordinary military officers either, these guys were pashas. Military class since the Ottoman times. These guys were secular to the core last line of defense for Ataturk’s Turkey.

        They planned to blow up mosques and down one of their own planes to spark a coup. But, apparently my friend wasn’t pulling my leg when he said his father and uncle claimed Erdogan and Gulen’s mo-bots were everywhere.

        In a nutshell: Turkey is f*cked. But, the Iran-mini me formerly known as Turkey might be enough to make even the EU’s libtards think twice about letting them in the club. Or, they could be typical tunnel visioned libtards and think they need to save all 80 million when in reality maybe only 20% of Turkey’s total population is secular minded and in need of “saving”. It’s the other 80% that voted Erdogan in and WANT a more islamic Turkey.

  • Anonymous

    Sew the wind – reap the whirlwind.

  • Anonymous

    Live by the sword – die by the sword

    Sew the wind – reap the whirlwind


    Like in Hitler’s demise, Bin Laden’s carcass is amiss.

    Americans should’ve embalmed, paraded it through the streets of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklin…
    and finally displayed it at a fund-raising event at the CARNEGIE HALL, before a concert, all in benefit of the families of those 343 firemen that lost their lives on 9/11.

    • Beejj

      The Russians got Hitler’s corpse, JH. I have book containing pictures of his skull and his teeth. His remains were finally destroyed under Andropov’s orders.

      I shan’t be eating fish for a while!

      • JEWHAWK

        Beejj, if you say so, I believe you. Maybe the ruskies did so in order to prevent some bone-worshipping cult’s ceremonies. A full-fledged religion could have been spawned out of this…including a so-called “prophet”.

        “I shan’t be eating fish for a while! ”
        HAHAHAHA !!!!

    • Anonymous

      I agree, JH, but we didn’t and won’t because we are not savages like the kuranimals.

      kuranimals who beat, spit on, kick, drag through the streets and set fire to the corpses of civilian contractors.

      We have more respect for their dead then they do for our living.

      We must never become like them.

      • JEWHAWK

        My dear Istambul_chick, this time I beg to disagree with you. Muslims claimed to themselves the monopoly of BRUTALITY and I don’t accept this status quo. They must be aware that we, infidels, could counter-attack with the same tools the kuranimals are so fond of.
        The Mossad learned that lesson very well, by employing car-bombs in order to snuff out PLO’s terrorists involved with the 1972′s Munich Massacre.

        Muslims don’t respect diplomacy, niceties and courtesy. They respect only something they trully believe:SHEER VIOLENCE.

        We will NEVER become like them, for we fight the good fight. Just by having this soul-searching conversation fully proves my point. We have SCRUPLES, while they do not.

        • Anonymous

          I agree, we, have and will meet violence with violence.

          Killing bin laden was enough.

          We’re not a bunch of chest-thumping glory hounds who need to dance around a corpse.

          Look at it this way: the antics of the kuranimals who dance, celebrate, and desecrate corpses are like the fat drunk bastards at sports matches who high five, fist bump and congratulate each other, after their team scores, for something they themselves have neither the skills nor brains to accomplish. It is the outward display used as a smoke screen to hide their own short-comings

          We have skills AND class. They have neither.

          • hellosnackbar

            Almost predictably a new cult from the never never land of Conspiratoria has arisen the DEATHERS who
            believe that OBD’s death is hoax.
            I’ve just heard some Paki mutt on the BBC say so.
            He was shot down by David Arronovitch who grouped his silly theory with that of the Troofers,the Birthers,
            and those tits who believe there was never a moon landing.
            I also saw a clip of some turd called Alex Jones(a pal of that prize British fool David Icke) wanting to see the body.(it’s really the Illuminati who are in control).
            The world is full of shameless mountebanks like faith healers and televangelists.
            It’s the unacceptable face of capitalism.
            OBL dead let’s write a pile fatuous crap disputing that.;there’s a bob or two there.

          • Anonymous

            Oh don’t get me started on those god damned truthers.

            I especially hate the moon landing truthers.

            Next to the births of my nieces and nephews the greatest highlight in my life was meeting Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins when I was seven years old. My dad was still active duty Air Force and there was a big banquet for the men and their families in his squadron (they were a space communications squadron) and the higher ups had arranged for surprise guests: The Apollo 11 crew. Those guys were my heroes, after my dad, of course.:) I got to talk to them and shake their hands Buzz Aldrin even let me kiss him on the cheek ( I don’t remember, but mom and dad do). I do remember running back to mom and dad screaming “Mommy, daddy I met the moon men!” Most importantly I remember Neil Armstrong telling me I could do or be anything I wanted to be when I asked him if I could be a moon man too.

            These men are heroes who served not only their country but all of humanity and truthers are nothing but bitter, hateful losers who contribute nothing to the world and whose only pleasures in life are tearing down the accomplishments of others.

            Here’s a great video of Buzz Aldrin punching a whiney ass truther who was calling him a liar:


          • hellosnackbar

            You met the men who had landed on the moon!!!
            You lucky lady ; it must go down as the momentous day of your life.
            What a privilege!
            Better than any faux celeb meeting!
            Meeting and greeting real men.
            If you have a photograph let me see it(you know where to send it!)
            I’ll have it blown up to hang on my wall.

          • Anonymous

            I did! And some of it I will never forget. Some of it I don’t remember but my mom and dad do so they fill in the gaps for me.

            I WIIIISSH we had photos of it, but it was a surprise for everyone so no one had any cameras it was just an informal banquet (think free food at an indoor bbq) for a job well done and it was nothing special, or so everyone thought. Dad said, they were all just expecting free food and “job well done” speeches.

            It was a huuuge, huuuge, best ever super surprise ever, ever. I still get giddy thinking about the moon men (I was seven and astronaut was still a big word for me).:)

            I kissed history. :D

          • Beejj

            “I kissed history.” What a lovely line! I wish I had written it.

            Now, IC, please tell me: What is a truther? What is a birther? I cannot find these words in any of my dictionaries.

            To JEWHAWK: Try to find the book “Hitler’s Death: Russia’s Last Great Secret from the Files of the KGB.”

          • Anonymous


            A better line would have been I kissed LIVING history. :)

            For inquiring minds: Truther/Troofer=conspiracy theorist. The tin foil hat aficionados.

            Birther=People, like me, who doubt Nobama’s American birth.

            And now there have cropped up the “deathers.” Folks who don’t believe bin laden was killed two days ago or believe he was dead months/years before.

          • JEWHAWK

            Hellosnackbar, don’t you forget the STUPID folks that say the Apolo XI mission was a “hoax”.
            I may dislike President Hussein, but I won’t tag along with this outlandish “birther” theory.

          • Anonymous

            If you knew who and what nobama’s mom was and who nobama counts as his “closer personal friends (from his own mouth)” you would understand the “birthers” misgivings about nobama and his loyalties. The birth certificate angle was just one of many concerned citizens are using to smoke out nobama’s true intentions and loyalties.

            If you have time google weather underground/bill ayers.

            You won’t be disappointed and as I know you have a distaste for commies you will understand clearly what we’re on about.

            Although I like Allan West’s approach: He flat out called nobama a “low level socialist agitator” and said “I am tired of this classist warfare, this marxist demagogic rhetoric that is coming from the President of the United States of America.”

          • JEWHAWK

            Istambul_chick, Obama is a damn commie, his pals, too. Now we must focus on how to defeat him in 2012. The birth certificate card, if used, is gonna cost DEARLY in votes and credibility for the GOP, I have got no doubt whatsoever. In other words, it’d be a recipe for defeat.

            More four years for someone called HUSSEIN is gonna be a tennis ball-sized pill to swallow.

          • SirWilhelm

            The problem with lumping all conspiracy theorists and possible conspiracies together, is that you dismiss the possiblilty that one, or more of them, may be a real conspiracy. It also creates prejudices against the discovery of new conspiracies that will come along. There’s a real problem with uncovering real conspiracies:


            By the way, I consider myself a Birther, and if you take the time to look, you will find that there are many problems with Obama’s citizenship involving more than just where Obama himself was born. The birth certificate that he recently released, documents, if legitmate, that Obama’s father was born in Kenya, East Africa, which means that the President is not a natural born citizen, where both parents MUST be born in the US. If you want to talk about conspiracies, ask if it’s not a conspiracy when millions of dollars have been spent to lock away all of the information pertaining to Obama’s citizenship, not just his biirth? And if where Obama’s father was born is not important, why is someone editing out the information on Wikipedia pertaining to the defintion of “natural born” citizenship?


            I agree that many conspriacy theories are silly, but, it’s stll wrong to dismiss them all too easily.

  • Anonymous

    This kid is not Bach or Wagner, but in less than two minutes he celebrates bin laden’s death, the arab “viagara” of firing guns into the air as a means of celebrating, the right of free speech and an “In your face” to al qauda:

  • Anonymous

    bin laden is dead and now an American girl is dead because of her mohammadan STEP-FATHER and her idiotic and no surprise here, fat and ugly, revert mother:

  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. White house not releasing photos of dead bin laden.



  • Hindu

    See this from Pakistan, can it ever become so called democratic ?

    Row in Pak over budget by Christian FM