DHS bending over to accomodate potential terrorists.

by Kal El on May 16, 2011 · 1 comment

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Anything to avoid hurting the feelings of those who would see us destroyed.

Controversial Surveillance Program Launched After 9/11 Ends

The federal government Wednesday effectively ended a controversial program launched in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks to keep tabs on individuals visiting the U.S. mainly from Arab countries.

The National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, known by its acronym, NSEERS, required individuals from more than 20 predominantly Arab countries to register with the government on arrival and departure from the U.S.

The manual process required about 30 minutes of additional inspection at a port of entry for those arriving on nonimmigrant visas. Visitors had to register again on exiting the country.

Human-rights groups said the program promoted profiling of Muslims.

The Department of Homeland Security said Wednesday that the program was abolished because new automated technology renders the program unnecessary and no longer cost-effective.

“Since NSEERS was first implemented in 2002, DHS has implemented more robust, risk-based, and intelligence-driven targeting processes,” said spokesman Matt Chandler.

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  • http://www.davidkesslerauthor.com David Kessler

    I can’t believe that a legitimate policy based on WHERE people come from, has been portrayed as religious (or ethnic) profiling).  The do-gooders are gambling with other people’s safety.