How the religion of peace “coexists” in India

by Kal El on May 29, 2011 · 3 comments

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WARNING: The pictures are VERY GRAPHIC. FYI, these are not the only incidents of muslims acting out Muhammad’s directives against the infidel. You can find pics of Christians in Africa, and “fellow” muslims across the muslim world, men, women and even children butchered in the name of allah. Meanwhile, on your local news, youcan catch some liberal with his head up his ass whining about Jews building homes in the JEWISH ANCESTRAL HOMELAND.

MUSLIM atrocities against Hindus (WARNING: Graphic Photo Images)

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  • Beejj

    Hey, Cozyfuckwit, feast your eyes on this.

  • Tsquared

    More from the religion of peace…

  • Tonto

    I really don’t understand how anyone can defend what islam is…..we should be out there trying to exterminate such vermin.  I definitely advocate a Crusade of all the Earth’s peoples against islam…..until the bitter end when islam is eradicated from the very planet!