Hypocrisy from the dhimmis in charge of the Untied Kingdumb

by Kal El on May 4, 2011 · 9 comments

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Typical dhimmis.

Britain’s reaction to bin Laden’s assassination: surely some mistake?

William Hague and David Cameron have lavishly praised the Americans for assassinating bin Laden. Yet only a few weeks ago, when the Israelis were suspected (but never proved) to have assassinated Hamas front-man Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, Hague and Cameron were so apoplectic with rage that they expelled an Israeli diplomat from London in protest.

This was despite the fact that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was the person responsible for shipping Iranian weapons to Hamas in Gaza. His work posed a direct threat to Israel’s survival. In contrast, bin Laden no longer represented any kind of analogous threat to the USA.

And here are some other differences worth thinking about:

  • in the bin Laden assassination several civilians were also killed
  • in the al-Mabhouh assassination no other person was harmed
  • the bin Laden assassination took place in a country that is supposed to be America’s ‘ally’
  • the al-Mabhouh assassination took place in a country that is a sworn enemy of Israel.
  • al-Mabhouh was personally responsible for the slaughter of several Israeli hostages.
  • as despicable as bin Laden was he had never personally murdered any Americans. 

 And while on the subject of British hypocrisy has anybody noticed the deafening silence when NATO airstrikes kill children in Libya? Funny how the argument about ‘despots using civilians as human shields’ is used as a valid defence in this case but is never allowed to be a valid defence by Israel.

Finally, while the news on bin Laden is obviously welcome, it has two extremely worrying long-term implications.

  1. It will enable Obama to claim a personal military victory that could propel him to a second term in the White House (notice his consant use of the first person in his speech today). Such a term will go a long way to achieving bin Laden’s objectives anyway.
  2. The media blackout of all other stories will enable Assad in Syria to crush the rebellion there with even greater brutality and speed, thereby possibly ensuring the survival of the Syria/Iran axis which poses the greatest threat to the world.

Update: Guess who has condemned the bin Laden assassination decrying “the killing of an Arab holy warrior”? Cameron and Hague’s new best friend Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh. What’s the betting you won’t hear about that in the British media?

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  • Saurabh Nagrath

    This has been the irony of the western world. It is totally run by the pro USA people. Anything USA does is hailed as the best approach to solve the problem. All other nations like israel and India when kill terrorists even on their own soil are condemned by the human rights organisations. Until and unless a person or an organisation posing a threat to USA it is not considered a terrorist , even if it has killed scores of common people in other countries. Usa even uses other anti social elements for its own interests in other parts of world for monetary and political gains, but the moment that organisation turns against US it is termed as terrorist and banned by UN. its total hypocrisy where other countries terrorists are Protected and given asylum in USA and Canada and other western nations. But chickens do come home to roost. .

    • hellosnackbar

      Please enlighten us as to which terrorists the US provides sanctuary?
      As for the expulsion of Israeli diplomats when that Hamarsesole was eliminated;it was because the killers
      had used British passports forged from Brits living in Israel.
      I heard about some British intelligence officer(un- named)as describing that operation as a jolly good show!

      • Anonymous

        He’s right, HSB, the dhimmis we have in office and working in immigration have allowed many mohammadan terrorists sanctuary:

        Fetullah Gulen

        Ilyas Akhmadov

        Ramzi Yusuf

        Ali Aimal Kansi

        Are just a few I can think of off the top of my head who were fleeing charges of terrorism in their own countries. Immigration here has a huge propensity for giving asylum to paki and somalian mohammadan terrorists.

        I think this fellow is from the Indian sub-continent and has a beef with America aiding and abetting terrorist groups abroad, but Israel and India getting demonized for trying to deal with their own terrorist problems. He seems to feel, sort of correctly that America gets to dictate who the terrorists are.

    • Anonymous

      I understand your frustration. Many of us Americans are frustrated as well.

      We know our government is giving asylum to terrorists. Do you think we are happy having foreign psychos in our country?

      Many of us support Israel and India’s right to deal with their terrorists. We hate the UN as well. We want America out of that mohammadan club and we want the UN out of America.

      The problem is, the terrorists are funded by arab money which comes from their oil which is bought by America. BUT and here’s the big BUT America has the BIG NUKES. The man power, the money and the training. UN has what America wants: oil and America has what UN wants: money and weapons.

      So, it’s a round and round pissing contest between the asshole arabs in control of the UN and the asshole Americans in power. In other words: one big circle jerk.

      And human rights organizations are a joke. They offer aid and comfort to terrorists and ignore their victims. They are only concerned with whomever their particular celebrity shill wants photo-ops with.

      • JEWHAWK

        “We hate the UN as well. We want America out of that mohammadan club and we want the UN out of America.”

        Istambul_chick, this was probably the best assessment of the United Islamic Nations I’ve ever seen. You, HSB and Beejj are AWESOME writers !! Are you an author ? You are brilliant.

        • Anonymous

          I am a woman of many talents my young friend. ;)

          HSB, Beejj and myself are simply older, well-traveled and angry. We’ve seen our countries change and not for the better.

  • TheTruth?

    I don’t consider the killing of Bin Laden to be the killing of a holy warrior. I don’t consider it a killing at all. No body, no pictures, no ‘Islamic burial practice (you know, cause the Muslims said it was something that was made up) so it’s not a real killing. One picture that isn’t photoshopped. One. Of the world’s most wanted man shot dead. There’s nothing.

    • hellosnackbar

      Looks like you’ve joined the new group of sceptics called the DEATHERS.
      If he’d been blown to bits you’d have still expected a photograph .
      I’ve just learned that they will release a photograph of his cadaver ;although they don’t want to frighten the children.

      • Anonymous

        “If he’d been blown to bits you’d have still expected a photograph .”

        Now that is one photo I would LOVE to see.

        Terrorist tartar.