Idiots on the internet: We are all Osama bin Laden

by Kal El on May 11, 2011 · 23 comments

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Just like all those imbeciles in 2008 with their “We are all Hussein” mantra, we now have a bunch of morons declaring they are all Osama. I guess that means they want to go live in a cave for 5 years, then a villa in buttfukistan Pakistan, before catching a round from a team of Navy Seals…

‘We Are All Osama Bin Laden’ Facebook Page Deleted

A Facebook group entitled “We Are All Osama Bin Laden” started after his death has been deleted after topping 10,000 members, the blog ArabCrunch reports, guessing that the pro-Bin Laden page was removed because of “calls for violence,” but claims a double standard with things “related to Palestine or Islam.” The Facebook group seems to have caught the attention last week of right-wing message board Free Republic, whose members write about reporting it for “violence or harmful behavior” and “credible threat of violence.” It’s possible that with enough such reports, the page was removed from Facebook automatically.Meanwhile, a version of the removed group, pictured above, seems to exist in Google’s cache (though with only 591 “likes”) and includes comments like [sic], “10 years to kill One Person and they are happy , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” and “If amirca kill ben ladin there million replace him and we will be a kings of world.”

And copycats have already popped up. “We are all Osama bin Laden” has just 15 likes and features comments like “i don’t believe that osama bin laden is death..,” while the contradictory “WE ARE ALL OSAMA BIN LADEN AND ARE ALL AGAINST TERRORISM” is sticking around, too, so far.

Stamping out idiots from the Internet? Impossible.

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    “If amirca kill ben ladin there million replace him and we will be a kings of world.”

    There isn’t stronger evidence than that generalized muslim desire for waging war, massacres against nosotros, los infideles.

    • Anonymous

      The problem with profiling is, it’s not just middle eastern looking kuranimals who want to do us damage.

      Chechnyan kuranimals are as white European looking as me.

      Remember Jihad Jane and the horse-faced bitch with her from Colorado?

      The west needs to start taking cues from the Israelis and learning how they profile. They’ve not had one successful terrorist attack in/on or near their airports/planes. One successful “profiling” they had was some stupid Irish bint who was knocked up by some fakestinian puke who had put a bomb in her luggage. Dumb whore had no clue, but, superior Israeli profiling had her pegged before she even got through check-in.

      I’ve since learned that they are highly suspicious of single Western women traveling alone.

      Israelis know what the hell is going on.

      • Hellosnackbar

        And that POS is trying to get released.
        He received the longest prison sentence ever; 48 years.
        I’m sure the Israelis would love to have a friendly chat with him

        • Anonymous

          I had read that somewhere. Wasn’t his parole denied once already?

          If I was in charge, I’d let him out on condition that he’s released to the Israelis. Let them deal with him however they see fit.

          • Hellosnackbar

            And the Irish lass said she would never speak to him again!
            It would appear that this incident put her off Mohamadans.
            The story was that an Israeli El Al employee sussed it out on a routine check.
            But I always thought there was something more;it seemed too simple.
            The bastard was pure evil.

          • Anonymous

            I tried looking for info about here. About all I found was her screaming at him in the courtroom.

            Are you sure it turned her off of kuranimals? In Turkey, it seemed, those who got burned once just went back for more. They were like kids going through a box of orange creme chocolates; biting each one, spitting it out and grabbing another, just hoping to find one that wasn’t orange creme.

            They all thought they were going to find the needle in the haystack…

  • Tonto

    Osama was just another sissified, girlie-boy punk like the rest of the muz pukage we have infesting the world…..hopelessly pitiful sub-human garbage that just needs a shithole to breed in. There are altogether way too many of them…..we need to get rid of them.

  • hhhhhhhhhhhh

    don’t get scared cause u will drown in ur blood


      “ don’t get scared cause u will drown in ur blood’

      Another full-fledged member of the infamous ISLAMOPITHECUS IMBECILICUS species.

    • hellosnackbar

      Oh Oh I’m trembling!
      The Raghead revenge is underway!
      You’re the one who’ll wear brown trousers if you ever come up against real soldiers.
      Now back to your goats;they need service!

      • hhhhhhhhhhhh

         u better know the european popluation is dying quickly an ur going to be the first victim

        • Hellosnackbar

          And you seriously believe that a textspeak turd like you will play a role in the toppling of civilised countries?
          I suppose that’s based on your presence?
          The only knowledge that people like you are in possession of; is the location of the benefits office.
          Oh and possibly the other purpose of your penis?
          If things get rougher then your life’s apotheosis might be as macerated pig food!


          • hhhhhhhhhhhh

            first and foremost the so called civilised  countries are built on racism and genecode like ur pussy ass, and if i were u , u better pray god save ur ass from being killed

          • JEWHAWK

            “… u better pray god ”

            I won’t pray. I will just buy more ammunition.

          • Anonymous

            ” I will just buy more ammunition.”

            A-frigging-men to that.

          • Anonymous

            “first and foremost the so called civilised  countries are built on racism and genecode”

            And we’re rich and comfortable with our advances in technology.

            Your third world allah loving countries were also built on racism and genocide and they’re crapholes.

            Either you’re all idiots or allah is incompetent or both.

          • hellosnackbar

            Gene code you must be a geneticist(highly unlikely ).
            The next time you talk to Allah(or more likely the top of your little carpet)tell him from me that I can sell him some laxatives to egest all the shit he’s full of.
            Now go and look after your favourite goat lover.

          • hhhhhhhhhhhh

            don’t pray i will see u on da 6 o clock news getting put in body bags

          • Anonymous


            You cannot even form an entire cogent sentence.

            It’s highly improbable that you would have the basic intelligence needed to use a weapon.

            The only way you weak egoed, over stuffed peahens can do harm upon real men is in packs. You are like packs of red-assed baboons flinging their excrement at an easy, singly target and occasionally getting lucky and grabbing a stone instead of their own turds.

            You, like your prophet and your allah, are complete and utter joke.

    • hellosnackbar

      Oh Oh I’m trembling!
      The Raghead revenge is underway!
      You’re the one who’ll wear brown trousers if you ever come up against real soldiers.
      Now back to your goats;they need service!


    “don’t pray i will see u on da 6 o clock news getting put in body bags ” (hhhhhhhhhhh)

      I wouldn’t waste an expensive body bag with your carcass, nor I’d let it be displayed at the six o’clock news.
     A shallow, unmarked, in the middle of nowhere grave would suffice…a place where cats could bury their stuff.

  • Beejj

    Fish all over the world will be delighted with the “we are all bin Ladens.” I wonder if the original has been consumed by our aquatic cousins yet. If, not, what happens to human flesh when it is submerged in brine? Is Osama swelling and turning nasty colours as he slowly putrefies, I wonder. The more I think about his admirers the more revolted I become by Islam. It is crystallised evil; distilled nastiness; concentrated hopelessness. Forget the Koran – look at the vileness of its readers, for in them you will see the bitter fruits of its “poetic beauty.” I have greater respect for cockroaches than I have for this pestilential “religion.” That Western society, the natural enemy of this alien mess called Islam, tolerates these incurables is beyond comprehension. How can it be so blind? A lump in the breast warrants urgent examination: Islam is infinetly more malignant and begs for ruthless excision – or even, one day, radiation treatment? Like vermin, they breed like vermin (!). Osama’s father: 49 children. Osama: 24 children. Bacterial, ain’t they? The Islamic mind is a festering quagmire of hatred and intolerance. But quagmires can be drained.

    • Hellosnackbar

      Sea water is full of all sorts of bacteria, and helminths which are the first likely at the this little banquet.
      Depends of course how he was wrapped up?
      The Spartacus allegory is as flimsy as wet toilet tissue.