Pakistan tipping off terrorists, aiding against US drone strikes

by Kal El on June 24, 2011 · 6 comments

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As I have said on numerous occasions, F*CK Pakistan. At every opportunity, they thwart our finest warriors’ efforts to kill jihadi scum. They even sheltered jihadi numero uno, Osama bin Laden for years.

U.S. says Pakistan tipped off militants again


Washington • U.S. officials say Pakistan has apparently tipped off militants at two more bomb-building factories in its tribal areas, giving the terror suspects time to flee, after U.S. intelligence shared the locations with the Pakistani government.

U.S. officials believe Pakistan’s insistence on seeking local tribal elders’ permission before raiding the areas may have most directly contributed to the militants’ flight. U.S. officials have pushed for Pakistan to keep the location of such targets secret prior to the operations, but the Pakistanis say their troops cannot enter the lawless regions without giving the locals notice.

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

The latest incidents bring to a total of four bomb-making sites that the U.S. has shared with Pakistan only to have the terrorist suspects flee before the Pakistani military arrived later. The report does not bode well for attempts by both sides to mend relations and rebuild trust after the U.S. raid on May 2 that killed Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, a Pakistani army town only 35 miles from the capital Islamabad. The Pakistanis believe the Americans violated their sovereignty by keeping them in the dark about the raid. American officials believe bin Laden’s location proves some elements of the Pakistani army or intelligence service helped hide the al-Qaida mastermind.

The U.S. officials explained Saturday how they first offered the location of the third, and then the fourth site, in order to give Pakistan another chance to prove it could be trusted to go after the militants.

In the tradition of “trust but verify,” the Americans carefully monitored the area with satellite and unmanned drones, to see what would happen, after sharing the information a third and fourth time, the officials said.

In each case, they watched the militants depart within 24 hours, taking any weapons or bomb-making materials with them, just as militants had done the first two times. Only then did they watch the Pakistani military visit each site when the terror suspects and their wares were long gone, the officials said.

Pakistan’s army on Friday disputed reports that its security forces had tipped off insurgents at bomb-making factories after getting intelligence about the sites from the United States. The army called the assertions of collusion with militants “totally false and malicious.”

Army officials further claimed they had successfully raided two more sites, after finding nothing at the first two, but a Pakistani official reached Friday offered no details of what they found there. The official admitted that in each raid, however, the Pakistani security services notified the local elders who hold sway in the tribal regions.

Two U.S. officials said they were asking the Pakistanis to withhold such sensitive information from the elders, and even their lower ranks, to prove they could be trusted to keep a secret, and go after U.S. enemies. At least two of the sites were run by the Haqqani network, which is part of the Taliban, closely allied with al-Qaida, and blamed for some of the deadliest attacks against U.S. troops and civilians in neighboring Afghanistan.

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  • Beejj

    Golly gosh, I AM surprised! Who would have thought??? Can you believe it? Are you as astounded as I? Surely, this must be a mistake. I could go on in this vein all day long, taking the piss out of those who want to believe that a species of good Moslem exists, but you catch my drift, no doubt. Hey, you feeble-minded liberals, get this into your heads: Pakistanis are Mohammedans. That says it all. They cannot and will not recognise Islamic killers of “infidels” as terrorists. They might look upon them as a bit excessive or over the top, but in the eyes of anyone who follows the murderous child molester those who give or risk their lives to slaughter non-Muslims are far, far above even the loftiest non-Muslim person or most innocent non-Muslim child and is therefore to be protected. America and Britain continue to believe they can buy Pakistani loyalty and co-operation. They are wrong. Muslims believe that every betrayal of Western trust scores them brownie points for their eternity in the brothel in the sky. The time is ripe for a Republican to have the guts to take a stand against the heinous and bestial and suffocating ebola that is Islam.

    • hellosnackbar

      Yes indeed Beejj there is no concept of the principle of honour associated with a military alliance(only with respect to domestic murder!).
      But then again if the militants are wiped out ;then the Western money pump might cease to function.
      Pakis as allies ,is like an alliance between a Victorian prostitute and Jack the ripper.

  • CMartel

    I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in Rick’s Cafe.

  • joe six-pack

    No surprise here. A major problem is that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and the delivery systems for them. If it not Iran that starts the next big war, it will be Pakistan. 

  • Cecilie

    As even old Bush said: “Fool me one, shame on you. Fool me twice , er … er … won’t be fooled again!” But of course not THIS administration. Being such expert liars themselves, why do they think that other people tell the truth, especially people belonging to an ideology whose number one goal it is to rule the world?

  • Lorenzo Shalimar Drakeford

    islam is the enemy. What the F  else is there to talk about? Blackontheright