Seattle: Jihadis admired bin Laden, wanted to die martyrs

by Kal El on June 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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Then by all means, kill them, and dump the bodies in the sea, along side Osama. Problem solved!

Seattle terror suspect admires Osama bin Laden, sought martyr’s death


Abdul-Latif, a radical Muslim who expressed admiration for Osama bin Laden and sought a martyr’s death, was one of two men arrested for plotting an attack against a military processing center with machine guns and grenades.

The New York Times reports that Abdul-Latif – also known as Joseph A. Davis of Seattle – was arrested with Walli Mujahidh – also known as Frederick Domingue Jr. of Los Angeles - late Wednesday and charged with conspiracy to murder federal officers and employees, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction, and other firearms-related charges.

But as Newsbusters’ Noel Sheppard writes, the Times failed to note the two men were radical Muslim converts.  The Seattle Times and the Post Intelligencer, however, made no such omissions.

The Seattle Times noted that Abdul-Latif converted about nine years ago, after finding what it believes is a dating profile of the terror suspect.

Seattle Fox affiliate Q13 found what it believes is a YouTube account belonging to terror suspect Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif.

Q13Fox reports that Abdul-Latif “can be seen speaking at length about his views on religion and foreign intervention in the Middle East” in the dozens of videos found:

“Look what’s happening in Libya now, look what’s happening in Egypt now… look what’s happened in Iraq.  It’s not a coincidence, these are all Muslim countries and we just sit back here and accept their rules, accept their judgment” Abdul-Latif said. “Allah has left us in ignorance. And we are fools to believe that these people are going to help us.”

According to Q13, he refers to the United States as the “united snakes” in the videos, and says in his profile:

All in calling to the defense of Islam and Calling to make Islam the 1st priority in our lives and death, in order to call us to join the Jihad in all aspects without fear of the kuffar [non-Muslim] political strategies.”

The Blaze 

reports that Rep. Peter King (R-NY), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, called Abdul-Latif and Walli Mujahidh perfect examples of inmates radicalized in prison – the topic of a committee hearing he held last week. 

“He was radicalized in prison, and this is a common denominator in a number of these threats and plots,” Rep. King said.

Q13 reports that Abdul-Latif has been convicted twice – once for a 2002 robbery in Kitsap County, and a 2003 conviction for assault.

As an indication of how radical Abdul-Latif became, the Seattle Post Intelligencer notes “Abdul-Latif allegedly expounded on his desire to kill Americans”:

“Abdul-Latif said that ‘jihad’ in America should be a ‘physical jihad,’ and not just ‘media jihad,’ expressing his view that it was necessary to take action rather than just talk,” an FBI agent told the court. “Abdul-Latif referred to the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, when a single gunman killed 13 people.

“Abdul-Latif said that if one person could kill so many people, three attackers could kill many more.” [...]

An article about Abdul-Latif at Q13Fox notes that the radical Muslim convert – who uses an American flag as a floor mat in his car - served in the Navy during the 1990′s, but wanted to die as a martyr.

According to the complaint filed against him, “Abdul-Latif said that if he was killed in the attack, his son would be proud that he fought the ‘nonbelievers.’”

If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Link to article.

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