Sweden: Afghan immigrants guilty of honor killing

by Kal El on July 11, 2011 · 5 comments

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But I am sure islam had nothing at all to do with their motivation, just like all the other honor killings perpetrated by muslims Asians living in The West…

Afghan couple convicted of honor killing in Sweden


An Afghan couple was found guilty on Tuesday of a grisly “honor killing” for which their son had already served four years in prison.

A Swedish appeals court sentenced Raoof Ataei, 47, and Leyla Ataei, 45, to 10 years each in prison for the 2005 murder of their daughter’s boyfriend, who was doused with boiling oil, beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed repeatedly.

After serving their sentences they will be expelled from Sweden, where they have been living since the early 2000s.

Honor killings are relatively rare in Sweden, but a handful of cases involving immigrants in the past decade have stirred a debate about how to protect young women seen at risk of such violence.

The case playing out in the Gota Appeals Court was unusual in that context because the victim was a man, 20-year-old Abbas Rezai, also from Afghanistan.

The girl’s brother, Abdulmajid Ataei, now 23, confessed to the murder in a previous trial. But he changed his story after his release, saying he had taken the blame to protect his parents, who didn’t approve of their daughter’s relationship with Rezai.

Suspicions that the parents were involved in the killing had emerged already in the first trial, but could not be proven.

After hearing the son’s testimony, the Gota Appeals Court ruled that the parents carried out the murder and that their son assisted them.

The son’s sentence already served was reduced from four years to one year and four months. In addition, the appeals court canceled his deportation order.

The court labeled the murder an “honor killing,” motivated by “a relationship that the girl’s parents strongly opposed based on their values and cultural background.”

The son testified that his parents were very upset that his sister had run away with her boyfriend. He said they lured Rezai to their home in Hogsby, in southern Sweden, where the mother cooked up a pot of oil that she poured over Rezai. Her husband then battered him and stabbed him multiple times with a knife.

The parents denied the charges, insisting it was their son who killed Rezai during a fight.

The appeals court said their stories were inconsistent and didn’t match the technical evidence from the scene.

Their son acknowledged that he had fetched the knife when his father ordered him to so, but claims he didn’t participate in the stabbing.

Honor killings are committed regularly in some traditional Middle Eastern societies that enforce strict separation between the sexes and view an unmarried woman’s unsupervised contact with a man, even by telephone, as a stain on the family’s reputation.

The son’s lawyer, Helena Karlsson, said her client was relieved. “He obviously feels it is very positive that the appeals court has listened to the story about his situation, not only regarding this specific event but also generally,” she said, adding her client fears for his life.

“Naturally, this has been an incredibly difficult time for him,” she said. It wasn’t immediately clear if the parents would appeal the sentence.

Ann Kristin Bladh, deputy chair of an organization working against honor-related crimes in Sweden, said there is a growing problem. “We are contacted daily, primarily by young girls, but also by young men, who live very limited lives,” Bladh told local news agency

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  • joe six-pack

    If you follow Islam, you lead a very limited life. The frustration that is rampant in Islamic culture leads to all kinds of violence. Personal as well as organized against other competing groups. 

  • Turandot

    The Swedish courts are way too lenient.  The parents’ prison sentence was not long enough by half.  The son’s sentence for complicity in the killing was also too lenient.  It was not even a “clean” or merciful quick killing.  Murdering someone by first torturing them with boiling oil and then finishing them off by bludgeoning and stabbing is hardly an artful killing.  The ugliness of the manner in which the victim was terrorized and killed should have been taken into account.

    • hellosnackbar

      Quite right Turandot.
      As you say the savagery employed should have predicated an additional 20 years.
      It just demonstrates that the concept of honour in primitive Islamic society is a barometer of their stone age

    • Tonto

      There was an article presented on FOX News last evening that detailed an “honor killing” by an Iraqi living in Arizona that purposely ran over his daughter and her girlfriend with his SUV.  His daughter was killed.  The prosecution tried to prove “intent” for 1st Degree (Death penalty), but the prick got off with 2nd Degree and 30+ years.  The problem, I think, that the prosecution has in the West is that people here are in denial that the CONCEPT of “honor killing” is real.  They can conceive that it is possible for a parent to kill their children, but not for some crazed idea of killing as a punishment for unacceptable behavior in a religion….whether that religion is phony or not. (And the phoniness of islam has not been universally been recognized yet).  I also think that the fact that “honor killing” is a defence for murder in some countries as a DAILY defence and excuse for MURDER isn’t really believed here……inconceivable concept…….just like the motive of the broad that drowned 2 kids to get them out of the way so she could date some guy who hated kids…..also inconceivable to most people.  Kids are considered sacrosanct here in the West…..evidently disposable in islam.

  • Anonymous

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