Toronto allows muslim prayer in public schools, bans Christian, other prayer

by Kal El on July 14, 2011 · 70 comments

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Dhimmitude being served up by our neighbor to the north. No favoritism here at all. But then again, when you deny a Christian the right to pray in a certain area, he is far more likely to go somewhere else and pray, and not blow himself and others up.

Toronto school defends Muslim prayers in cafeteria


TORONTO – A majority-Muslim public school in Toronto is defending its policy of allowing an imam to lead Friday prayers in the cafeteria, saying students who leave school for prayers at a mosque typically don’t return to school.

Christian and other prayers are disallowed in the public school system.

For the past three years, some 300 Muslim students at Valley Park Middle School have been allowed to use the school cafeteria for their Friday prayers. Before the policy change, school officials say students would leave classes early and not return.

“I think it’s important to note the prayer isn’t conducted under the auspices of the board,” Jim Spyropoulos, a superintendent for inclusive schools with the Toronto District School Board, told the Globe and Mail newspaper. “This was the best solution that avoided compromising instructional time.”

The issue is “about religious accommodation,” Shari Schwartz-Maltz, a school district spokeswoman, told The Canadian Press.

Those explanations have not placated angry parents, who are lighting up radio call-in shows and blogging furiously — particularly since Christian and other prayers are disallowed in the public school system.

In an unlikely alliance, Canadian Hindu Advocacy, the Jewish Defense League and the Muslim Canadian Congress have voiced strong opposition to the arrangement.

Islamic groups are “imposing their view” to “spread their ideology,” Ron Banerjee, director of Canadian Hindu Advocacy, told the Globe and Mail.

The Muslim Canadian Congress has asked for the services to be halted or closely monitored to avert the spread of radicalism.

The board noted that there have been no complaints about the arrangement until it was highlighted recently by by a right-wing blogger.

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  • Tonto

    It’s been obvious for a long time that those countries that are very European in outlook are socialist appeasers that keep on appeasing until either it’s too late or the real people in the general population get pissed off and react vociferously in protest…’re seeing that in Europe now….and in the USA already in places like Texas and Tennessee.  Herman Cain (a presidential candidate) was in Tennessee recently and spoke in support of the folks here that are protesting and demonstrating against a mosque shithole being built in their town.

    • azia yechimowicz

      So I guess the Conservatives who push Immigration (because it’s cheaper to let an third world muslims immigrate than it is to pay a Canadian more than minimum wage for the same job) are really doing us all a favour by appeasing until it’s too late.

  • SirWilhelm

    More evidence that Islam is winning.

    • C. Martel


      I really hope you’re wrong. But we need much more public awareness of this cult’s danger to civilized society.

      See you in Tours


      • azia yechimowicz

        All religions are dangerous.

  • Msyak

    When are the people that built this country are going to wake up? It’s no longer in a far reached place, this is happening in our own backyard!! Let these “monkeys” go back to their caves and live there vs continuing to change our country!! They are not happy in the places they live yet they try to change our country to their views!! They are not going to stop!! PeoPle need to wake up!! Look at their birth rates, whites are soon going to become a minority and these system obusing ” monkeys” will win as it’s not expensive for them to have kids especially when it’s your hard earned tax dollars that support them!! Wake up Canada!!!

    • Jomama

      NO SHIT!!!n

  • Bestcvb

    Canadiens  must to wake up ! And protest what’s happening in Canada ! And if peple from caves will not like it – they can go back to their countries !

  • Lunawho

    Canada has taken PC too far! We’ve lost Xmas trees at city hall and christian prayer in school. Now, I’m not a religious person at all but NO religion in school means EVERY religion. I have nothing against muslims or any other religions but this country was built on Christianity and if immigrants don’t like it, feel free to leave. GET A BACKBONE CANADA



      This is as likely as Fullham winning the Champions League. Canadians are wimpy Americans. Many even speak French…this is enough to explain it. 

    • Anonymous

      I think you all are confusing state sponsored religion and allowing a service in the school once a week. X-tians can pray at school on their day, but that is OK.

      Are all the kids expected to participate in the service regardless of their faith? I doubt it. Big difference from having a prayer every morning as indoctrination.

      You know the pledge of allegiance had under god in it since the ’50 it was added to catch communists.

      • Anonymous

        No, we are not confusing the two.

        There is no prayer or services or whatever you want to call it allowed in school period. No difference whatever fib you kuranimals try to pull off.

        Since there is no school on Sunday other than Sunday school at churches, no, Christian students in public schools do not “pray at school on their day.”

        Prayer in school was abolished quite some time ago, yet, here you are telling us it’s okay for you primitive usurpers. And you can’t figure out why people like Dennis Miller express wanting to beat the crap out of you.

        What exactly is wrong with wanting to catch commies? Communism and commies, like you primitives, have one goal: destroy the West. You’re here trying to tell people that they are wrong for wanting to ‘catch” those who wish to do them harm from within and without.


        • Anonymous

          No you can catch people in the act, but you and your buddies advocate massive premeditated murder for what you think will happen.

          We’re talking about Canada here, not the US. Perhaps when your parents finish their service in Turkey, you can visit Canada.
          I don’t really buy that you live in Istanbul. Why haven’t you been killed?

          • Anonymous

            Wrong. I do not call for massive premeditated murder. I call for no more tolerance for intolerant and foreign ideologies.

            Again with the ad hominems. Is that all you have left in your pc/mc cult bag of tricks?

            Canada or US. Makes no difference, there’s still no prayer or Christian or Hindu or Jewish services allowed in public schools. Why do you believe it should be allowed for one group. Why should that rule be changed for one particular group?

            Why haven’t I been killed? Are you implying that kuranimals are an inherently intolerant and violent group of people who resort to violence for opinions different than their own?

          • Anonymous

            Ad hominems my my, what will you say next? Bet it is full of cussin’ and insults.

            “Why do you believe it should be allowed for one group. Why should that rule be changed for one particular group?”  Because the Canadians may want to.

            “Why haven’t I been killed? Are you implying that kuranimals are an
            inherently intolerant and violent group of people who resort to violence
            for opinions different than their own?”

            No little girl, you state that that is the case. I’m just curious that if you really live in Istanbul… why you haven’t been killed? Seems that you are living proof of my point.

          • Anonymous

            So says the one that has done nothing but sling ad hominems rather than answer direct questions.

            I haven’t been killed but others have simply for being non kuranimals or leaving the cult of mo.

          • Anonymous

            And what do you say to those Canadians who don’t want that rule changed for one group?

            No doubt about it you would be calling them bigots.

  • Steve Martin

    Christ healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, forgave(s) our sins, raised(s) the dead…what did Mohammed do?

    • Tsquared

      Pillaged lands and raped children.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if the Israeli’s rape children, but they definitely pillage land

        • Anonymous

          Well, thanks for clearing up your stance you primitive.

          You’re pissed off because those Jews “chose to fight back” and your mohammadan arrogance can’t handle it.

          • Anonymous

            Fight back during an invasion, I think your hatred blinds you? 

          • Anonymous

            So, you would have no problem with my arming the Chaldeans, Copts, Assyrians, Orthodox so they can “fight back” right?

          • Anonymous

            Sure, if you can find anyone that was alive when they were invaded, feel free, It is the American way. But no reaching back past 1 lifetime.

          • Anonymous

            Oh but you’re the one who’s been claiming that those religious minorities are thriving in crapistans.

            Oh, Bilal, you’re just too stupid and arrogant to realize that your little house of cards is falling down around zabiba’d head.

          • Tsquared

            My hatred is real and it has allowed me to draw a good bead on $hitheads. Look at the lens and wait for the flash…

            Mohamed has fooled millions with his religion that is based off his life as a pedophile and rapist. Religion of peace only if you have submitted. Islam is more a religion of pain and suffering – just look at any country that has based their government after an islamic republic. It is typical for a $hithead to lie or miss-direct to an infidel, look at where you have thrown this thread. Away from the lying shit-bag named Mohammed and to a hatred of Jews – time to get it back to the truth: Mohammed was a pedophile, rapist, murderer, and liar

          • sreenivas

            Tsquared sorry to disillusion you. Even if you become a mooslim you are not ensured safety because if you are a sooni the shiya will get you or the other way around. If you are Ahmadiya even moohamed cannot help you. So it is a religion of pieces whichever way you look at it.

    • Anonymous

      He wasn’t a god. 

      • Anonymous

        And mo the molester was not a prophet.

        You primitives can dish it out but you sure can’t take it.

        • Anonymous

          Prophet is in the eyes of the beholder.

          Take what? Massive attacks on all front to make them accept an occupation?

          • Anonymous

            As is god.

            When you dish out statements that offend one group and take afront when they return the favour that makes you one thing: a colossal hypocrite.

    • sreenivas

      Moohamad killed people, raped little girls, kept sex slaves, had porn industry going on 1400 years before hollywood even came into existence.

  • sound_judgement

    “But then again, when you deny a Christian the right to pray in a certain area, he is far more likely to go somewhere else and pray, and not blow himself and others up.”

    …reading this post just makes me realize how easy it must be to write one, and fill it with hate-mongering. ‘Muslim this’ and ‘Christian that’…us vs. them…did you go to an all white christian school? have you ever met a muslim in the playground? yesterday it was black people, today its muslims…tomorrow? who knows, maybe the chinese…

    go make some friends, the Mohamed’s are not that bad you know…they come in all colors, so yes, you can pick even a white one…if it makes it easier to watch him pray.

    have a good one :)

    • Anonymous

      “…reading this post just makes me realize how easy it must be to write one, and fill it with hate-mongering. ‘Muslim this’ and ‘Christian that’…us vs. them…did you go to an all white christian school? have you ever met a muslim in the playground? yesterday it was black people, today its muslims…tomorrow? who knows, maybe the chinese…go make some friends, the Mohamed’s are not that bad you know…they come in all colors, so yes, you can pick even a white one…if it makes it easier to watch him pray.”

      Blacks did not have a scriptural basis or a sky daddy telling them to commit jihad. So, no, it’s never been Blacks or Chinese or any racial group for me.

      I’ve always had a problem with people with an ideology that’s anathema to my culture and lifestyle. That would include, nazis, commies, organized pedophiles, white supremacists and NOW among others. I hate their ideology and them. Same with the mohammadans. I hate their ideology because it is a mockery of my culture and lifestyle and completely dangerous to them as well.

      As for colours of mobots: I hate them all. They all have ONE ideology.

      You libtards are such freaking tools. Slap the adjective religious on something, unless it pertains to Christians, and you think it’s off limits for criticism and mockery.

      Why don’t you go to a mohammadan majority county and “make some friends?” Better yet, go preach tolerance of homosexuals to them.


      The white muslims are the direct result of centuries of RAPE of white Christian women.
      During WWII, a SS Bosnian Division was formed by white muslims. Even the infamous Mufti of Jerusalem was filmed proudly saluting these Muslim Nazis during a visit. I’ve seen it in a DVD.

      • Anonymous

        Wow since you brought up WW2, that was what 12,000 soldiers, Oh my and one dude from Jerusalem. Oh My. What did X-tians do in that war, Right on the tip of my tongue. Hologram, no, holocaust that was it.  

        • Anonymous

          We eagerly await your historically verifiable proof that the nazis were practicing Christians following instructions from the Bible, following the examples set forth by Jesus and encouraged from the pulpit and in writting by a sizeable number of Christian clergymen.

          • Anonymous

            Ah, but you see you categorize people based on their country, so all Germans in 1939 were X-tians.

            You have to prove they weren’t X-tians. Come on prove that Nazis abandoned the religion they were raised with.

          • Anonymous

            No, you claim that the accused were Christians thus the burden of proof is upon you to prove that they are what you claim they are. You’ve made yourself the prosecutor therefore you must provide the evidence to prove that they were indeed Christians following the examples set forth by Jesus, obeying their sciptures and encouraged and condoned by clergy.

            I do not catoragize people by they nationality. I judge them by their ideology. You seem to be the one who judges people on their nationality and ethnicity. Projection is a terrible trait but all to common among primitives and their leftist whores.

  • Guest

    Canadians are stupid people we worry more about hockey then what is happening to our own country…. how the government feels it has to bend over backwards for certain ethnic groups….while our rights are being taken away….
    we are taxed to death the banks and oil companies get special treatment….why….because we keep sitting here taking it….I can’t say Merry Christmas…I have to say Happy Holidays because it offends certain groups…but then they are allowed to practise their beliefs while mine are taken away….F…..the politicians and the ragheads

  • Floridadesign

    This was the best solution that avoided compromising instructional time.”.. Are you kidding me? This is Canada, if you skip school you’re truant,  and either suspended or expelled. If you don’t pass the grade you don’t get a diploma, if you don’t get a diploma, you can enjoy a career in ditch digging,,,,the choice is yours, but for the love of GOD, Canada grow some balls and make a stand against this type of change, it’s doesn’t benefit anyone except an overwhelming demanding minority, and to be honest, my tolerance is wearing thin.  I will never ever support any entity who openly discriminates against woman. 

  • Canadian

    What type of prayers christians do? music with song? is that a prayer? plus it is not must for u guys….jesus died for your sins…if u dont pray u dont go to hell because jesus died for all ur sins so why to worry?christians are supposed to go to church on Sundays…muslims are supposed prayfive times a day as a MUST. if you are jealous ,then that is ur problem not public schools’.but muslims will go to hell if they dont pray..and no one died or will die for muslims’ sins.!
    there is a multy faith room in hospital I work…..for 21 years i havent seeeeeeeen anyone ..anyone. to go to that room excep muslims…five times prayer is in muslims religion not christianity or any other religions…so stop your racism and hate….there is a difference between racism hate and asking your RIGHT….but what u are asking is NOT your Right. u r asking is racism riot hate and creating problems …YOUr Main Goal is To CLOSE and ban muslim prayers that is all.
    good luck haters and racists

    • Anonymous

      Who are you to question how Christians or anyone else prays to their sky daddys?

      No one is jealous of you seventh century savages and no one cares if you go to your make believe hell or not. What people care about is you half wits doing your undulations to your make believe sky monster in PUBLIC places, especially schools. Schools are for educating not engage in primitive, superstitious mumbo jumbo.

      Chirstians, Jews, Hindus and aeveryone else is NOT ALLOWED to pay homage to their sky daddys in public schools, to suggest that you arselifters have more right to do so than them makes YOU THE RACIST.

      Canada is not a kuranimal country so it IS their right to dictate the rules, arsehole. If you’re so concerned about your primitive prayers, either make them up in the evening or stay in the kuranimal countries you were spawned in or move to a KURANIMAL country where your supremacist and racist ideology is given free reign.

      The only racists are you disgusting arselifters who think you have more rights in free countries over the natives of those countries when you assholes don’t extend those courtiesies to non-kuranimals in your countries. Hell, you animals don’t even have those privilages (stopping work and school to lift your big fat asses) in your own ass backwards countries. The ones creating problems are you racist pieces of shit by demanding to display your self-deluded supremacy on others. Asking for rights no one has.

      You are a typical supremacist, piece of crap kuranimal. I would kill myself if I had the misfortune of being born a kuranimal.

      • Anonymous

        7th century savages? How 1st century of you! Doesn’t Canadian have a right to an opinion different than yours?

        I thought Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque  were the nicest building I have ever seen. I liked Istanbul (not that I think you are Turkic).

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t say the primitive didn’t have a right to an opinion different than mine. I take issue with him declaring rights above and beyond the majority. I take issue with him declaring his way right and everyone else to be wrong.

          Of course, being a mohammadan or a liberal whore in your sick mind only kuranimals are right and are allowed to usurp the countries in which they are guests. You would be the first on here screaming if non kuranimals pulled the same stunts in kuranimal countries.

          Hagiah Sophia was a church before the supremacist kuranimals built a mosque over it. You scream of tolerance and how tolerant kuranimals are, why then is it still being piggy backed by a mosque? Is that your definition of tolerance.

          • Anonymous

            I see you as a testy little 16 year old with a mighty chip on her shoulder.

            A Mosque on it? Child it has a couple of minarets around it.

          • Anonymous

            Ad hominems because you refuse to admit you are a bigot who believes the rights of mohammadan supercede those of everyone else.

            What an intellectual titan you believe yourself to be!

            So you are claiming that Hagiah Sophia is still a church that Christians are free to use as a church and it only has a few minarets around it? Would you also be so flippant and dishonest to say it has “a few bells around it” if Christian hordes were to storm the Sultan Ahmet Camii, close it to kuranimal worshippers, eradicate all the arabic script within and throw a cross on top of it?

            How many years of university did it take for you to be so morally reprehensible? Were you born an obfuscating bigot or did you have work at becoming so skilled at it?

    • Hellosnackbar

      The usual racist accusation bleat from a Mohammedan dickhead.
      Praying to Allah with your arse high(is that how you really view your big fairy?).
      Freedom if it means anything is the right to tell others that which they may not want to hear.
      Our stupid elected politicians have allowed you culturally backward halfwits into our midst and now we have to make all kinds of privilege allowances at tax payers expense to accomodate your primitive thought and living habits;not to mention the expense of maintaining passanger surveillance at airports.
      Mohammedans(not Buddhists,Wiccans,Odinists etc.)have become an ever present bloody nuisance and need to be actively encouraged back to the 3rd world pits whence they came.
      Become an apostate and I’ll give you a big kiss;it’s Islam’s poisonous supremacist ideology that’s the problem, not
      the ethnic origin of Mohammedans.

    • SirWilhelm

      Are you that ignorant of Christianity that you really don’t know how they pray? You certainly don’t know the meaning of why Jesus died, and how sins are forgiven, if, in a person’s heart, they sincerely want to be forgiven. Attendence in church is voluntary, because Christ taught it is up to the individual to seek salvation. In other words, you can’t force people to seek salvation. As you point out, this is the opposite of what Islam teaches. Both religions believe in Hell, and Heaven, the differences are in how you get there. Non-Muslims defend themselves from Islam, because it is Islam that tries to force it’s beliefs on them, as they are ordered to. Since pointing out the flaws in Islam, is the most direct defense, it’s your problem if you see that as racism and hate. And since members of Islam advocate terrorism as part of jihad against non-Muslims, it’s perfectly reasonable to feel some anxiety, if not fear, and even hate, of all Muslims. If you don’t want hostility from non-Muslims, it’s you that should change your ways, or shut up, or eventually, you will generate enough fear and hate, that you will be shut up.

      • Anonymous

        Good thing Canada is more understanding than we are.

        • SirWilhelm

          In what way is Canada more understanding than we are?

          • Anonymous

            In many ways, but perhaps tolerant is a better word.

          • SirWilhelm

            “Understanding”, “tolerant”, where’s your evidence that either of those things are true?

          • Anonymous

            This little twerp has not answered one direct comment. It just makes snarky and completely irrelevant comments.

            Sorry for bringing it here, although it’s been quiet here at IAC so maybe all the target practice on this tit is a good thing.

          • SirWilhelm

            Yes, I’m enjoying it, for the most part.

  • Badbowtie67

    I am livid that the schools allow this practice of allowing other religions to pray but Christians have to remain silent. These people should follow the western ways or go back to your country of origin and pray all you want but do not come to my country and shove barbaric beliefs down Canadian throats. . Let’s go to their country and have Christian prayer hour. See how long a christian last before they are knocked off for praying to the Christian god. No wonder canadians are upset with immigrants !!!

    • Anonymous

      Same god and you should be ashamed of yourself! How un-Canadian!

      • Anonymous

        God does not exist.

        But, who says it is the same god? Oh, that’s right, only the kuranimals. So it must be in your bizarro racist little world.

        • Anonymous

          Scream on child, some day maturity will come to you and you will be grateful for the time you spent in Istanbul.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, children believe in fairy tales. That obviously would be you.

            I am grateful to live in dar al islam. It has completely cured me of my left leaning sentiments and moral relativism.

          • hellosnackbar

            That’s certainly a prime example of learning the hard way IC.
            I wonder why Allah the inept doesn’t send the Angel Gabriel(with the 700 wings) to get you to change your mind?

          • Anonymous

            Oh yes, HSB. I tend to learn through the school of hard knocks. Something to do with being “a stubborn Irish witch.” Had a fellow from Donegal tell me that years ago.

            As for allah the impotent, donchyaknow, he took away all free will. Every thing he creates is predestined to do whatever allah the impotent declares. Hence the reasons musloids always fall back on the “allah has closed your eyes/heart/mind” exit when losing a debate.

            So you know all those folks that are “roasting in hellfire” or “enjoying lustrous eyed virgins”? Well they were destined to that before allah the limptastic created them. There is abolutely no free will of any kind in mo the mads sick little cult. Everything and I mean everything, good, bad or indifferent is the will of allah the ahole according to mein kuranmpf. So according to mein kuranmpf our infidelness, my sojurn to dar al islam and the daily rape of little girls in dar al islam are all “the will of allah.”

            I hate islam.

      • SirWilhelm

        If Allah is the same God as Jehovah, why does he deny His Son? That Jesus is the Son of God, is the belief that seperates Christianity from both Islam and Judaism, if you don’t know that, you are too ignorant to participate in discussions about religion.

  • azia yechimowicz

    Great, now they’re teaching kids how to be terrorists and beat women to death.  Google it.

  • azia yechimowicz

    So we let them practice Islam in the schools and then a few years from now we’ll have home grown suicide bombers, lots of violence, chaos, destruction, hate.  Now I see why the Federal Government wants a crime bill: they let the Muslims come and build prisons and they have a great racket.

  • Raf_zaheer

    who was the original author of this article can someone tell me please :) <3 x

  • Jlotus1970

    Death to Islam!

  • Alexey Smitkov

    No Muslim prayers in school!!! Canada historically is Christian country. Tolerance to other religions does not mean to give to them of our schools, of our children. Many muslims and their religion traditions creates many problems in France, USA, United Kingdom  now. Muslims Gather Every Friday in the Streets of New York City to Pray and block traffic ( Islamization of France ( UK ( Do you want to start islamization of Canada too? Who is responsible for immigration of muslims to Canada? Who in goverment is support of islam as religion of terrorism in the modern world now? 

  • Ali

    If they allowed the christian prayer the school would turn into a disco party lol

  • Sreenivas

    Toronto School starts IT(Institute if Terrorism) at School level. WOW