Sweden imam implores muslims to kill those who leave islam

by Kal El on September 19, 2011 · 2 comments

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Because nothing says religion of peace like killing those who refuse to follow it.

Sweden: Imam calls to kill converts on Radio Sweden

Islam in Europe 14 September 2011

Sweden: Imam calls to kill converts on Radio Sweden Via Dagen (Swedish): “It is the duty of every Muslim to kill those who leave Islam.” This statement was made on Radio Sweden recently when an Imam from Rinkeby (Stockholm) was allowed to speak about how people should act against Somalis who convert to Christianity.

The program with the death threats against converts was broadcast by the Somali department of Radio Sweden and was a follow-up on a previous segment about a group of Christian Somalis who came to Rinkeby Square to evangelize. They also got to talk about it in the radio report.

“I was there when they preached about Christianity. I also spoke with the guys who converted,” said Kenadid Mohamed, the reporter who did the segment.

Rinkeby is a suburb of Stockholm where many Somalis live, and the evangelizing Somalis got a crowd who understood the language.

“Some saw it as a provocation that they came and preached about Christianity outside the msoque during Ramadan,” says Kenadid Mohamed.

He says that there were various feelings among the Somalis who were there. Many were surprised since it’s unusual that Somalis are Christians. The reactions among the Somali audience were mixed. Some thought it was OK to hear a sermon and prayer in Somali and referred to Swedish freedom of religion. (…)

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  • Beejj

    I sincerely hope Sweden’s Hell’s Angels convert en masse to Islam and promptly go down to the local pub to cavort and uproariously insult the maggot aka the Prophet. Let’s see what happens when the bilious bastards who slavishly adhere to islamic lunacy take on the Harley boys! Would they dare? Nah.They haven’t the balls for it.

  • SirWilhelm

    Desertion is a problem with any army, and the punishment for desertion has been death, since the first army was created. Why can’t Muslims see that’s what apostasy is all about, desertion from the army they all belong to? Belonging to a religion is one thing, but, how many of you really want to belong to an army? Can an army be a religion? Christians realized long ago the folly of combining armies with religion, let alone politics. Islam tires to combine all three, religion, politics, and the military, all based on slavery, to ensure all Muslims obey orders in all three areas. Is that what you signed up for?