UN dogs Israel daily, meanwhile the muslim world goes to hell

by Kal El on September 28, 2011 · 7 comments

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Yup, muslims killing muslims is a-okay in the UN’s eyes. But let one Joo defend himself from muslims stupid enough to attack a tank with rocks, and the crocodile tears flow, condemnations follow, and accusations of apartheid soon come out. Great idea, having any muslim diplomat even in the same building as the UN Human Rights Council. That is pure idiocy.

As Muslim world frays, the UN is fixated on Israel


Last week, Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, shared with me a list of the diverse steps the country has taken to protect Israel from what she and President Barack Obama consider to be scapegoating by the world body.

The list includes U.S. opposition to the “dozens of biased resolutions” directed against Israel in the General Assembly, and also notes the number of times the U.S. has fought for the appointment of Israelis to various posts within the UN, from which they are, as a matter of course, excluded.

At times, the list reads like satire. There is, for instance, this item: “The United States continues to call for the resignation of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Richard Falk. The United States has strongly condemned his anti-Semitic statements and web postings, as well as his deeply offensive statements in support of 9/11 conspiracy theories.”

Then there was this uplifting episode, brought to us courtesy of Syria: “At the Human Rights Council, the United States forcefully opposed 2010 statements by a Syrian official that Israeli children are taught to sing songs about drinking the blood of Arabs. The United States worked with the HRC President to make clear that such language is outrageous and offensive and has no place in UN bodies.”

There is nothing new about the UN’s singular focus – half of the 10 emergency special sessions called in the General Assembly since the UN’s founding have involved Israel, and Israel is the target of more condemnatory resolutions than any other nation.

I support the creation of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and in Gaza, with a capital in East Jerusalem, and have for many years. I believe it’s in Israel’s best interest to have an independent Palestinian state as a neighbor, and I also support Palestinian statehood because Palestinians define themselves as a nation and have the right to live free and unmolested in their own country.

But the Palestinian cause isn’t the world’s only such cause. In Syria, the death toll in the popular uprising now exceeds 2,700. Included in that number are at least 100 children.

In Pakistan, 26 Shiite pilgrims were ordered off a bus and gunned down, in the latest incident of Muslim-on-Muslim violence there. In Indonesia, a suicide bomber detonated himself in a church, wounding more than 20 worshippers, in the latest incident of Muslim-on-Christian violence that is a considerable problem in several Muslim-majority states, including Egypt.

In Yemen, more than 70 people were killed by security forces while protesting the dictatorial rule of Ali Abdullah Saleh. In Libya, rebels discovered a mass grave holding the bodies of 1,270 prison inmates massacred in 1996. And, of course, Burhanuddin Rabbani, a former president of Afghanistan and head of the country’s High Peace Council, was assassinated Sept. 20.

This is a partial list.

There is a reason Israelis don’t trust the UN: It spends comparatively little time examining the various sins and shortcomings of Arab and Muslim states, including many autocracies led by thoroughgoing sadists, and a disproportionate amount of time sitting in judgment of Israel.

And there is a reason Israelis trust the U.S. as the only possible broker for peace negotiations: It has consistently fought the demonization of the world’s only Jewish state.

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  • Tonto

    Well really.  Who REALLY cares how many muz kill each other?  Nobody is really stupid enugh to claim that the islamic world is actually anything more than “just past the stone age” in mental, spiritual development.  Israel, on the other hand is a civilized country that is filled with some of the smartest and most productive people in the world.  Of Israel, we naturally expect more….because they aren’t inbred semi-animals like the muslims.  And there it is.  The truth of the matter.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, who really cares.

      Honestly, if they slaughtered each other into oblivion they’d be doing the world a huge favour.

      I hope the leftarded socialist marxists who encouraged the “Arab spring” keep encouraging it because so far they’ve only accomplished mass slaughter of themselves.

      • Tonto

        Personally, I’d rather see PILES of dead muz than to see one dead American…..or any non-muz for that matter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lorenzo-Shalimar-Drakeford/100001244160729 Lorenzo Shalimar Drakeford

    UN out of US.

  • Ramoqiddis

    So this Tonto says :”Personally, I’d rather see PILES of dead muz than to see one dead American…..or any non-muz for that matter”.If you are not under a doze of narcotics ,then you can’t be a Jew .Just ask the survivals of the Holocaust who signed  on the BDS against Israel ,why do they show objections to the barman’s foreign policy in Tel Aviv , I think it will be too late for  the hardnecked guys like you to discover that  they will inevitably  hasten the inevitable destruction of the   second loftiness of the state of Sons of Israel .Who knows whose piles will decay according to the bible’s prophecies.

    • Tsquared

      WTF? Talking in double speak there Ramoqiddis?

      Tonto I have to agree with you, after seeing what the talibs have done to their own people in Afghanistan I have changed my views. If a muslem wants to kill another muslem, let them; but as long as somebody takes the surviving $hithead out. Fewer the better as there have been no major contributions to society by the cult of islam.

    • Tonto

      Ramo, I really think you need to ease off those heavy meds….makes you slur and sound stoned.