Lebanon: Alcohol vendors receiving threats, from you know who

by Kal El on October 3, 2011 · 2 comments

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Here’s a hint: It’s not Christians or Jews. Slowly but surely Hezbollah (which infests a huge portion of Lebanon south of Beirut) is islamizing the country. Sadly, in all my trips to Lebanon, most of the Christians are more concerned with the (imaginary) threat of Israel. They even placed the blame for the 2008 invasion (by Hezbollah, who were pissed off that the LEGITIMATE government demanded they shut down a parallel/illegal communications network down) on everyone but Hezbollah.

Lebanon: threats against vendors of alcohol in South


(ANSAmed) – BEIRUT, SEPTEMBER 30 – Protests have been made and threats issued over recent months against Christian-run shops that sell alcoholic beverages in the South of Lebanon, a ‘feudal’ territory ‘belonging’ to the Shiite Islamic Hezbollah movement and its militias.

In the latest case reported by the Marakaziya agency, a young tradesperson received anonymous threats in the post with a warning that they should close down their shop in Kferwe’, in the Nabatiyeh region.

A report in today’s edition of L’Orient le Jour states that the 24-year-old shopkeeper, identified by the surname of Yaacoub, immediately reported the incident to the police, who have opened an enquiry into the incident. Meanwhile, ”inhabitants of the Christian-majority village have expressed their solidarity with him”. The young man has now moved to Kferwe’ after closing another shop in Nabatiyeh after a demonstration was organised against him in that town.

Over the past few days, another shopkeeper selling alcoholic products in Houla, in the province of Marjeyoun, saw his shop being targeted by a group of unknown persons throwing empty beer bottles. (ANSAmed).

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    Muslims ALSO drink alcoholic beverages, but won’t admit it publicly. When rebels took one of Gaddafi’s palaces, TV showed bottles of whisky all over the place. Several years ago, I met an Egyptian who was drinking CAIPIRINHA, Brazil’s national drink. 

    • Tonto

      That’s a fact Jewhawk.  Some of the very best Arrack I ever had was given to me by MUSLIM arabs from Lebanon…..and they tried to gift me with some primo red hash too.  A Yemini ‘rab asked me if I’d like to try some qat once too.  I had another Lebanese muz ask me to write a letter for him attesting to his sobriety at work once too…….he’d been busted for DUI.  There were several I saw drinking in bars back in the Disco days too.  But it’s like the lady said on the apostate muz site……islam is in “Inquisition” mode and the mullahs are trying to do an islamic revival the only way the dumb sh*ts know how….through violence.  That’s why they will fail.