70% of Arab youth want to leave the Arab world

by Kal El on November 16, 2011 · 22 comments

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Well, this is not much of a surprise, considering most of the people aged 18-30 want to live in the 21st century, not the 7th. Also, the middle east’s economy is not doing so well, despite the oil wealth on which most of those countries sit.

Arab League seeks solutions as 70 per cent of Arab youth want to emigrate

Around three quarters of Arab youth want to migrate to countries out of their region due to rising unemployment in Arab states, an Arab League official said

Manama: Around three quarters of Arab youth want to migrate to countries out of their region due to rising unemployment in Arab states, an Arab League official said.

“Due to their poor participation in society and politics and to rising joblessness, 70 per cent of the Arab youth want to migrate out of the region,” Khalid Al Wahishi, director of Population Policy and Immigration at Arab League, said.

Empower the youth

“We at Arab League have been warning member states at all our meetings to empower the youth. Unemployment, alarmingly high at 26 per cent, poor participation of youth and illiteracy are major hindrances to population policy development and implementation,” Al Wahishi told delegates at a gathering of population experts from member-countries in Qatar.

The ratio of youth in the population of Arab countries is very high and requires efforts to empower them and raise their participation in politics, he said.

“The changes taking place in some Arab countries clearly show that it is the youth of these states who have played a leading role in the reforms movement,” he said, quoted by Qatari daily The Peninsula on Tuesday.


According to the official, the Arab League has been arguing for several years that there was an urgent need to tackle the problems of unemployment in member-states and to empower the youth and raise their participation in society and politics.

The 13th meeting of the heads of national councils and committees of the population in Arab countries in Doha, opened on Monday, is bringing together delegates from Arab League and global agencies concerned with population to review the outcome of political and social developments, population and youth issues in Arab states.

The delegates will also discuss the demographic situation in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and review the activities of national population councils and committees in 2010.

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  • SirWilhelm

    Illiteracy? In Arab, Muslim countries? How can that be? So many Muslim commentators have come on here and told us how ignorant we are, and how well educated and intelligent they are, and now the Arab League claims there is a problem with illiteracy in Arab countries? Could someone have been lying to us? What a thought!

     On the other hand, there are some well educated and intelligent Muslims in the world. Unfortunately they have also been indoctrinated and brainwashed into believeing all non-Muslims are their enemies and they have to use their intelligence and what they’ve learned, to destroy us.

    • Tonto

      I think the arrogance is an act.  The islamic leaders know how hopelessly outclassed they are in comparison with the West and compensate by all the “big talk” they do.  The bullshit will fly in THEIR areas because of the ignorance of their somewhat isolated (from the outside world) populations…..but as the West infiltrates, or the exposure to western thought gains ground in their areas, apostacy, or covert apostacy, also grows.  Apostacy in islamic areas is endemic and the big secret that they are frantic to hide.  The West poses the biggest and most effective threat to islam in existance…..and doesn’t even need to be aggressive…..at just a passive rate, the West is much more attractive than islam.  Back in 650 ad, islam was a mover and shaker……now it’s a backwater of life……and the young notice and want to move on.

      • azia yechimowicz

        The bullshit everything.  Even their rhetoric in arguments is hilariously inept.

  • Marcel Trepanier

    They want to leave in order to infect the rest of the world. I say quarantine the filthy plonkers

  • Tonto

    “Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen; all know how to die; but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”  Winston Churchill said that…and he’s right.  Islam has repressed and retarded the development of it’s societies for so long that it is probably almost impossible for them to recover with any connection to their past that makes any sane sense.  Look how nuts they act.  I think that islam is on it’s last legs and either recovers to a world wide regression to the 7th century or goes out in a blaze of glory.  That’s where I think they are….islam is a dead end.  Either they leave islam or conquer the planet….and I really don’t think that will happen. 

    • hellosnackbar

      And WSC wrote that in1898!
      Amazing that politically correct arseholes ignore the words of a REAL prophet whilst supporting those of a 7th century illiterate psychopath.

      • JEWHAWK

        Today, there is no western politician made from the same cloth of Churchill’s. I’ve heard several of his speeches on DVD, a real treasure for anyone interested in politics and that also admires the sheer beauty of the English Language.

        Mr.Cameron’s speeches are VERY GOOD, always crystal-clear and sporting a convincing content.
        Obama’s oratory is superb, I hate to admit it. Nobody in the GOP comes close.

        The WORST : Muammar Gadhaffi’s at the United Nations. Simply dreadful, riddled with falsehoods and childish rantings. It could’ve won the Nobel Prize of Stupidity, if it existed.

        • azia yechimowicz

          You forget Yassar Arafat, and he was awarded a Peace Price (the only award ever given to a Muslim).

      • Tonto

        You know, of course, that Churchill was part American Indian…..his mother’s side.

    • Anonymous

      It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. 

      • Beejj

        And it is an even more improving thing for a ‘quippist’ such yourself to read the words daily posted here.

        • Anonymous

          How so?

          • Beejj


  • Train Wreck

    Islamic Implosion. But they are repressed due to 7th century ideas which does as Tonto says repress any normal social development. everyone I have ever met since 1972 even a Chaldean Christian has an arrogance about them. Just the fact that they think it is a command to lie to a non believer justifies their psychotic behavior.But as in the case of the previous article, the murder of three daughters by their polygamist father so clearly illustrates their chicken  S#*T cowardice attempt to save their own worthless flesh.
    I say if they want to migrate that with special regards to our country just as their country, we can set the standards. First rule for them is to renounce any and all connection with so called Islamic religion. After all in their country it is convert or die. Any violation of this such as the slightest infraction of our moral values (baring murder) they get a “Health” monitoring/tracking chip injected into their head with a nail gun and expelled from this country forever. This is our country and our time not the country they are fleeing from and it’s 7th century lunacy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lorenzo-Shalimar-Drakeford/100001244160729 Lorenzo Shalimar Drakeford

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no a thousand times! Stay in your own filthy muzzie lands. The muzzie might want to work, but it brings with it all of the evils associated with isham (whatever).  Muzzies out llegals out!

  • http://porkythecrusader.blogspot.com/ Porky The Crusader

    Agree with everybody,lol…Oink,Oink!


      YAY !!! My friend Porky is back !! Gosh, I missed you, dude !

      • Anonymous

        Yes, such witty repartee!

  • CMartel

    The high unemployment rate points to a serious problem with the mental disease known as islam.  Far too many children attend school not to learn basic math, reading and science but rather to blindly memorize the rantings of a 7th century psychopath.  They learn nothing but how to become social misfits and hate for the West which they blame for all their problems, especially the Jews.  This is happening not only in the middle east, but in Western cities where “special” schools are established to perpetuate their ignorance.  This leads to a sense of alienation and frustration which promotes violence and intolerance.  

    • hellosnackbar

      That’s the irony about Mohammedans:They understand the failure of the armpits whence they come; but
      bring the the reason for their failure(Islam)with them as accompanying baggage.
      They want to share the misery of Islam with tne rest of the world.

  • Tsquared

    I blame this on modern communications. The $hitheads have seen the internet and TV and they now know the lands that they live in are $hitty compared to other third world countries.

    I have been all over the middle east, Africa, and western Asia – it sucks!

  • azia yechimowicz

    The failure of Islam has been known for some time, this merely demonstrates it in a different way.  We should help these people to over throw the islamic dictatorships and establish democracy.