Pakistani Hindus flee to India, in the face of jihad

by Kal El on November 29, 2011 · 12 comments

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The religious minorities in Pakistan continue to suffer. As usual, the media is silent, and our government continues to list Pakistan as an ally in the war on terror. Similar to what the Coptic Christians in Egypt are going through, this is what happens when islam is in charge.

Scarred and scared, these Pakistani Hindus seek refuge in India

New Delhi, Nov 27, (IANS):
Sitting hunched with his face cupped in his hands, 42-year-old Shobhamal dreads going back to Pakistan’s Sindh province where he has earned the status of a pariah and ”bore the brunt of being a non-Muslim”.
A group of 146 Pakistani Hindus took refuge at capital’s Majnu ka Tilla Sep 8 after crossing the Attari border Sep 4.

“I don’t fear for my life but for my family. I decided to come here as there is no place for Hindus in Pakistan. Sexual assault, forced conversion, abduction and humiliation is all this country (Pakistan) has given us,” Shobhamal told IANS.

Shobhamal’s 18-year-old son died of cancer here earlier this month. 

With their tourist visas expired some two months ago, these people from Bagidi community are reluctant to go back to Sindh where, they say, there is no security of their life and property.

Hindus form around seven percent of the total population of Sindh province.

“We don’t want to go back. We are outcast there. We appeal to the government that please just give us refuge and we don’t want any citizenship,” rues 45-year-old Ganga Ram.

Gang Ram has written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, requesting extension of their visas and shelter.

They are currently living in 12 tents and share one dilapidated toilet — but say they don’t have much complaints.

“We are happy here. Though life is tough here, it’s not an ordeal what it used be in Pakistan. There, you bear the brunt of being non-Muslims,” said Sagar, a mechanic, who was robbed of all his tools with which he used to make his ends meet.

“They force us to convert to Islam and threaten of dire consequences. They abduct our children  and loot our property. If we complain, nobody listens. There, even the prime minister is not safe, let alone Hindus,” says Mithalal, who is in his 50s.

When this IANS correspondent tried to speak to the women in the community, a sense of reluctance took over. However, a few narrated their ordeal, after much convincing. 

“When our husbands are away for work, we keep our doors locked and live in constant fear. We are not allowed to wear vermillion on our foreheads,” said Rukmini.    
“We don’t eat our food until our children come back as you never know they might be kidnapped or circumcised,” said a woman, refusing to reveal her identity.

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  • hellosnackbar

    One never hears of Indian Muslims fleeing to Pakiland.
    And there are 120 million of them!

    • Anonymous

      You know Bilal is just dying to come here and call all of those Hindus “racist bigoted haters!”

      This is what really chaps my hide about leftards: they refuse to acknowledge situations like this.

      I wish India would do a large scale exchange with porkistan: Hindus for muhanimals.

      • Gary Rumain

        Yes, I expect we’ll hear from Rob Sullivan about this any minute now.

        • Anonymous

          Would that be Bilal Sullivan the ucla philosophy student?

          I was right about one thing: that pompous little git is a 20 something meathead. I still have no doubt it’s a convert to mo’s cult as well.

          • Gary Rumain

            The very same. He made it clear he’s a dhimmi in his comments at Wired’s Danger Room, where he started stalking me. I suspect he’s an arselifter now although he denies it.

          • Anonymous

            He’s really offered too much detail about the idiosyncrasies of islamic belief to be just a dhimmi whore with a layman’s knowledge. Ever notice you don’t see these types of libtarded clowns regurgitating their tired old bullshi’ite on the apostate boards?

          • Gary Rumain

            Now that you mention it …

    • CMartel

      I’m beginning to think that Gandhi was right.  India should never have been partitioned.  Without Pakistan and Kashmir we would have a much more peaceful world.

      • Gary Rumain

        Gandhi was actually a dhimmi. That’s why the Hindus killed him.

  • Tonto

    Well hey, do we see a pattern here?  As the muz go, so does violence against whom they consider outsiders.  Every place where islam is in ascendancy, violence against “others” follows.  Sooner or later they will run headlong into the brick wall of resistance….and I think it’s really going to hurt.  We are already seeing little sparks and starts of it here and there worldwide……sooner or later, the BIG slap down will come to them.  What will be the cost in lives for their stupidity?

  • Ravikanth

    First person from the hindu camp to agree for a partition was BR Ambedkar (Ofcourse… he was  a buddhist and was on the verge of joining Muslim League against the “higher caste” indians who dominated INC)…. The guy clearly stated hindus and Muslims cannot co-exist and asked for a Partition with pakistan to Muslims and India to hindus. He was called a traitor….. Later…. Gandhi and Nehru …the “saviours” of india…. agreed to partition but didnot agree to ambedkar’s plea…. one would wonder how can a person be SOOOOOO stupid?

  • Anonymous

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