Pakistani woman sets her five year old son on fire after argument with her husband

by Kal El on November 15, 2011 · 34 comments

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Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. This woman is evil, and ought to face a firing squad. How anyone could harm an innocent child is almost beyond my means of comprehension, however when islam is concerned/involved, all bets are off.

Burning concerns: Five-year-old set on fire by mother


GUJRANWALA: A woman set her five-year-old son on fire after she had a quarrel with her husband two days ago.

According to police officials, the child was admitted to a hospital and the woman was arrested following the incident. Jinnah Road resident Razia Bibi and her husband Irfan often quarreled over their financial situation. “They had many arguments about the fact that he wasn’t earning enough and he had accused her of infidelity,” said Razia’s neighbour Sadia Bibi. “She told me that he suspected that their son wasn’t his and had questioned her about his paternity,” she told police officials.

On Friday night, while Irfan’s brother Asif was getting married, Razia sprinkled petrol on herself and her two children and set fire.  “Wedding guests rushed to put out the fire and they managed to save her and one of her son’s but the older boy was badly burned,” said a wedding guest Rafeeq.

When questioned by the police, Razia said that she had been forced into her marriage six years ago and that her husband was abusive. “He does not earn enough and most of the time we don’t even have enough to eat. He has also accused me of cheating on him even though he has had several affairs,” she told police.

Razia said that she had lost all patience with Irfan and when he insisted that she and her children attend his brother’s wedding to keep up appearances she set herself on fire. “He even questioned my son’s paternity,” she added.

Model Town police arrested Razia and have registered a case against her. Police officials said that they were questioning Irfan and his family. “I don’t know what compelled her to do it.

What kind of mother burns her own child,” Irfan said. “She is mentally unstable and I don’t want her near my children,” he added. Police officials said that they were still investigating the details of the case.

“He says that she was mentally unstable but several neighbours have said that he was abusive and had tried to kill the children himself before,” investigation In-charge Muhammad Arif said.

Hospital officials at the DHQ hospital said that Faizan had suffered 40 per cent third degree burns. “He is in serious conditions and we have admitted him to the burns unit after treating him in the emergency ward for two days,” Dr Abdullah said. “Faizan has sustained serious burns to his face and his vision may have been permanently compromised,” he added.

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  • Marcel Trepanier

    Rather than proving herself to be true to her husband or face the pain of caning and stoning to death for adultery she sets her son on fire to kill him then takes him to the hospital. Gee, that all makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!! WTF is wrong with these inbred, backwards, self-LOATHING, murderous, deeply angry … oh, well, it seems that I answered my own question …

    • Anonymous

      Me thinks you have a hole-n-your-head! Get it?

  • Asimpervez24

    You ignorant bastards look at your White selfs you no colour tan lovers have 10 stories like this before we have 1
    Austria that psycho who shagged his own daughter got kids out of his own daughter he was the daddy and the grandaddy
    The American woman who killed her own husband and kids then ate them
    The Australian woman who killed her husband fed them to their kids

    Fucking racist bastards look at yourself before you speak there are thousands more of these stories

    And your biggest most famous White family the royal family 90% of the time get married in their own families

    And get me one person that’s a proper muslim that will say yeah you can burn your children

    • Anonymous

      You’re fogetting one salient point, kuranimal: us “white racist bastards” do not protect, cover for or point fingers at you “brownies” when we encounter such monsters among us. We punish them. Severly. Regardless of their belief system or “colour.” You primitives will blame the nearest non kuranimal even when you savages are caught red handed. Sometimes you bronze age mouth breathers blame djinns, America or da jooos. And those accusations come from the prosecutores. No one will be at surprised to see a follow up to this story in which the prosecutor drops all charges declaring this cunt not guilty because she was under the control of Israelis who planted mind control chips in her teeth.

      Now, which proper muslim is proper? Sunni, Shia, Amadiyha, Alevi, NoI?


      • Gary Rumain

        Hear, hear!

      • Anonymous

        Yup, that’s why so many blacks are in jail in the US. ‘Cause we don’t discriminate!

    • SirWilhelm

      Once again, you try to justify your own crimes by citing the crimes of others. Your culture is supposed to be perfect because it is based on Islam. But, at best, it is no better than any other culture in this world, and, at worst, it’s arrogant enough to try and impose itself on the rest of the world because it thinks it’s superior, despite evidence like this case, that it’s no better, at best. When you, or anyone of you, can walk on water, turn water into wine, raise the dead, or return from the dead, and do it for the whole world to see, then I will believe you, and your deity are real, and better than anyone else. Until then, keep your violent, perverted, ignorant cult to yourselves.

    • JewsSmellLikePee

      “And your biggest most famous White family the royal family 90% of the time get married in their own families”
      The Paki Moose-Limb does have a point. The most well known Western royal monarchy is hella in-bred, and they head the Anglican Church.

      “And get me one person that’s a proper muslim that will say yeah you can burn your children”

      The muzzie is two-for-two. Islamics are known for beheadings and bombings, but burning people is definitely a Christian thang.



    • Anonymous

      I think you exaggerate, a little bit.

  • YahwehRapesGoats

    Hey at’least the muzzies ain’t sodomizing their sons and then covering it up to protect football teams.


    You’re having a laugh,the muz do that as a matter of’s been like that for was considered too dangerous to climb ladders to sodomize camels,that’s why it’s considered ok for them to sodomize small animals and little boys and girls.Roll in your own shit BOY.

  • Gary Rumain

    One less arselifter in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Not surprised to see you hanging out here with these sick kids.

  • Anonymous

    Children, this the entire Wiki post on what Infidel means to a Muslim. I’d like to draw your attention to the portion about people of the book.


    The Arabic word kafir,
    literally the one who “covers”, is usually translated as “disbeliever”.
    For example, in English translations of the Quranic verse, 109:1,[16] the Islamic term is commonly translated into English as infidel.[17][18] In the Islamic doctrinal sense, the term refers to a person who does not recognize the one God (Allah) – atheists and polytheists. Because Islam sees Jews and Christians as fellow believers, they are called “People of the Book (Ahl-e-kitab)” instead.[19][20][21]

    Kafir, like infidel, has also come to be regarded as offensive,[22] thus some Muslim scholars discourage its use due to the Quran’s command to use kind words.[23] [22] It is even a punishable offense to use this term against a Jew or a Christian, under Islamic law.[22] Some contemporary Muslim extremists, however, have applied the term to all non-Muslims.[19]

    • SirWilhelm

      That’s why Muslims spend most of their time in jihad killing “People of the Book”, because they’re “fellow believers”? Muslims hate them the most because they have the best reasons for rejecting Allah, for not recognizing him. They see the differences between him and the God of the Bible, between Jehovah and Allah, and Christians reject Allah because he rejects The Son. I’ve addressed this issue with you several times, and you have yet to respond.

      There are no Muslim extremists, there are Muslims who participate in jihad, and all the rest that support them, either actively, or by condoning them by allowing them to reside in their midst, while conducting dawa, and advocating sharia. Actions speak louder than words, and words are weapons in Islam, they even have names for their use, taqiyya and kitman. Take yours and eat them.

      • Anonymous

        Most of their time? Willy try to be realistic!  You can’t paint 1.4 billion people with a brush when you are talking about a few thousand, but exaggeration is rife on this site.

        Muslims revere Jesus, they just get caught up on the term “son of god” to them god never had sex, so no son, but they believe Jesus was part of god. Jesus had more of god in him than any other person and couldn’t be killed because he was part of god. As an atheist I see the point that if Jesus died then how could he come back except that his spirit or portion of god couldn’t be killed.

        Also, Muslims say that Jesus can’t die and is the only such person. also they say at the end of time Jesus will take all the good Muslims to heaven sounds like a savior to me.

        Flame on O ‘ignant ones.

        • Anonymous

          Spoken like a true dawa artist, Bilal.

          • Anonymous

            Now that hurt (what does it mean?)

        • SirWilhelm

          Oh, but you paint “X-tians”, with your brush, the same brush you use on the Jews, but it’s ok when you do it? On the other hand, I’ve pointed out to you, but you probably didn’t bother reading it, that all Muslims support jihad either actively, or by condoning it with inactions towards the jihadists in their midst.

          Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet, and they rank him below Muhammed, whom they consider the last and greatest prophet. That is a far cry from the Son of God. Most atheists I’ve met, are not nearly as ignorant of the religions they discuss, as you are, because they want their criticisms to be credible. Because of your ignorance, yours are not.

          And, it seems, from your last few lines from this quote, that you know more about Islam, than you do the religions you criticize, which seems to reveal your true alliegience, as I_C has implied.

          You’re the flamer on here, Rob.

          • Anonymous

            You missed the subtle but oh so telling “god never had sex.” Remember me mentioning that everything within islam in with musloids is literal? They cannot really comprehend the concepts of spirituality and supernatural. I could not believe that “university educated” musloids still thought that god literally humped Mary. Their minds refused to understand immaculate conception.

            Bilal there let slip another clue to his true face. He knows a whole hell of a lot of what musloids think they now about Judaism and Christianity. He certainly knows all the half truths and distortions they strew about in an attempt to denigrate Christianity and elevate islam.

            He certainly is no atheist. I’m with JH on this one, now I’m just going to abuse this musloid in true islamic style.

          • hellosnackbar

            And God wasn’t married to Mary, therefore they were both adulterers.
            I wonder if shagger Mo ever thought of that?

          • Anonymous

            Since mo couldn’t comprehend immaculate divine conception but was still hoping to fool the Christians he claimed allah had Gabrial do the turkey baster thing between Joseph and Mary. That’s another one of those “science in quran” stories.

            I’ll give that evil bastard credit, he was a pretty clever con who tried to cover all his bases.

            Especially the whole “kill those who leave islam” thing.

          • Anonymous

            I think you are the confused one Instabul_chick,  I think you’re confused with the virginal conception of Jesus, but don’t let me deter your ranting.

          • Anonymous

            See it gets to complicated when you add divinity.

          • Anonymous

            Immaculate conception was for Mary not Jesus. Me thinks you are a little confused.

            Oh you are going to turn on the abuse now? What have your hate filled rants been? A warm up?


          • Anonymous

            I don’t even have a brush and so what if I did? You kids always say something about “well they did it first” ” or X-tians doing it” isn’t an excuse.

            How can you say that “all anything… support…” That is beyond belief!  Do you see just black and white? I expect that kind of thing from Instabul_Girl but not you willie.  

            They rank Muhammad above all because he came last, but he is supposed to be a man, whereas Jesus is supposed to be more than a man. Just sayin’

    • Anonymous

      What part of “we’re unbelievers, atheists” do you not understand you islamopithecus knuckle dragger?

      Now, would surah 109 be abrograted or not? Better go ask your mullah, Bilal. You’re in over your head.

      • Anonymous

        Such language little girl!

        I’m an atheist child and I don’t hate any religion or it’s people. I see it as a powerful force in society… might as well hate water or air.

        All religions have done bad things even Mormons, but you don’t care because you hate and have closed your eyes.  

        • Anonymous

          Bilal, the only one who believes you’re an atheist is you. However your not so subtle attempts at dawa belie your squawkings to the contrary.

          When mormons threaten me, my culture and my lifestyle, and have “done bad things” to me, then I will worry about them.

          • Anonymous

            Well I feel the same about Muslims little girl, see we can agree.

          • Anonymous

            The jig is up, musloid. Of course musloids have done nothing to you because you ARE a musloid.

          • Anonymous

            That would fit your agenda wouldn’t it little girl, but I’m not of any faith, just an impartial observer.

  • Anonymous

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