Turkish court grants leniency to men who raped 13 year old girl, claim she gave consent

by Kal El on November 7, 2011 · 20 comments

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This is the country that wants admittance to the EU? The more islamist it becomes, the more I am sickened by the behavior of the Turkish authorities.

Turkish court reduces sentences for men accused of raping 13-year-old

Human rights groups outraged by decision to give group of men shorter jail terms because the victim gave ‘consent’

Human rights groups have reacted with outrage after a Turkish appeals court reduced prison sentences for 26 men convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl, because the victim had given “consent”.

In a judgment this week, the court ruled that the sentence was based on the old Turkish penal code, under which rape of a minor could be punished with a minimum prison sentence of 10 years – unless the child consented.

Two women accused of having sold the girl – known only as NÇ – for sex have each been sentenced to nine years in prison, for leading “immoral lives”, but the 26 men, who include teachers, civil servants and a village elder, were given sentences ranging from one to six years.

Activists protesting outside Istanbul’s palace of justice on Friday called for the decision to be overturned.

“Is it necessary to discuss consent when 26 men rape a 13-year-old girl?” asked Nilgün Yurdalan, a women’s rights activist of the Istanbul Feminist Collective.

“We think that the government itself has committed a serious crime. This does not concern only the five judges, but the laws of this country, the mentality of the government and their view of women,” she said.

The supreme court said the sentence could, however, still be appealed, and that no further comments could be made on the case.

One of NÇ’s lawyers, Reyhan Yalçindag Baydemir, warned that further delay might lead to the case breaching the Turkish statute of limitations, which would result in all 26 defendants going free. The case will now also be reviewed by the European court of human rights.

The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan has distanced itself from the ruling, and family and social policies minister Fatma Sahin called the sentence “unacceptable and worrying”.

Human rights activist Leman Yurtsever, who together with human rights lawyer Erin Keskin has been a foster mother to NÇ, told a local newspaper that the court ruling was a severe shock for the young woman, who had suffered severe injuries and trauma. NÇ, now 19, has just finished high school and plans to become a journalist or a lawyer.

According to statistics published by the justice ministry, killings of women in Turkey increased by 1,400% between 2002 and 2009.

Yurdalan said the figures reflect an increase in women’s willingness to report abuse, but also an increase in violence.

“Men in Turkey, be it husbands, fathers or politicians, cannot bear that women demand equal rights and make their voices heard,” she said.

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  • hellosnackbar

    Well it’s pleasing to know that the poor little exploited soul survived.
    Let’s hope she becomes powerful to the point where she can exercise some revenge on the animals who were
    responsible for this outrage.

  • Tonto

    What is amazing, and indeed shows progress toward becoming civilized even in the face of the barbarity of islam, is that they were tried, convicted and sentenced to anything at all.  Children forced into sexual exploitation/slavery is nothing new in this world at all, that’s everywhere, but for a islamic country to react in this way is pretty amazing.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not amazing, Tonto. Just like all “modern, moderate” appearances in Turkey it was simply for show. Just like the recent ruling to “return property to Christians” in Turkey. It’s all show, just like the smiling faces of the mohammadans in tourist areas like Egypt. Turkey puts on a much bigger show simply because they’re still hot and horny to get into the EU.

      I too was at first sucked into the shiny appearance of moderation and equality in Turkey. However, the longer I lived there and the more I scratched away at the veneer of moderation the more I came to realize that all things “modern and moderate” were simply yet another way of fooling the useful idiots who never ask any questions and accept everything at face value.

      In other words: take a look at the horse’s teeth. It may look like a fine young stallion, but the rotton, worn down teeth that are hidden from view tell the true story.

      • hellosnackbar

        Very articulate description of the painful truth you uncovered my dear IC.
        Like a restauraunt with a posh exterior concealing kitchen hygiene most inferior.
        Islam the polished turd!

        • Anonymous

          They (the mohammadans and their Western dhimmi whores) can polish that turd as fervently as they can but they can never conceal the stink.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Davis/100001447132976 Tony Davis

    Lets hope she can put it behind her. (I doubt it) Strange that scum would rape some one so old as that!! SCUMBAGS!!


    Once again I feel  sick, And they think they will go paradise,they will get a HELL of a shock when their time arrives.If they think they will go to paradise they can come into the open to fight.they will get there quicker.I can smell roast pig oink oink.

  • hellosnackbar

    Off topic:
    There was a channel 4 program entitled Britain’s Sex Gangs.
    It was about the grooming of very young white girls with booze and drugs for multiple gang sex by primarily
    Paki Muslims.(one can see this http://www.chanel4OD.com
    This is the third series presented by Tanzeen Ahmad which is highly critical of Paki behaviour here.
    The other was marrying your cousins(Tanzeen herself has members of her family who suffer from recessive gene disease) which caused a minor furore here.
    Tanzeen is very pretty and it wouldn’t surprise me if she’s already dumped the ROP.
    I fear for her safety.

  • JewsSmellLikePee

    “Men rape 13 year old girl in Turkey”.

    I didn’t know there were Catholic priests and Penn State football coaches in Turkey.

    • Anonymous

      I’m assuming you have evidence that the Bible and Catholic canonical laws not only sanction but encourage such behaviours. I mean, it’s just so well known that Jesus set such an awful example for the priests to follow, right?

      I will also assume that Penn State football coaches have texts that are the “unchangeable word of god” that excuse such behaviour too.

      And of course, not only will all those terrible Christian clergy men come out in hoardes to defend and excuse such behaviour with passages from their “holy book” that contains the “unchangeable word of god” those awful kaffir will riot, burn and rape at the mere suggestion that any of those men should be punished under the “inferior, flawed man made laws.”



    JewsSmellLikePee. What are you doing sniffing down there? Your nose must be too near your cock,and you talk bollocks anyway What a sad enttity you are.


    we’re involved in invasions.the muz have just walked into our lands; lands that millions have died protecting and that many wounded and still suffering.when are our governments going to something about it? they can start by not allowing one more enemy to set foot in our lands,then filtering out those who are already here.our brave and bloody dead must be turning in their graves,those that were found that is.wake up you idiots in your ivory towers.


    I’m not as educated  as most on here,so pardon me if this is a dumb question; what do Russia and China think of all this,and where do they stand? thank you.

    • SirWilhelm

      Both Russia and China have problems with Muslim terrorists. In Russia, they are mostly from Chechnia, in China, they are Uighurs, in a province where they were once the majority, but a flood of Chinese immigrants have made a minority. I don’t know what they “think of all this”, but I know Muslims consider all non-Muslims their enemies who must be converted to Islam and killed. Anyone who doesn’t understand that, or doesn’t believe it, only has themsleves to blame, if they wind up converted, or dead.

      • JEWHAWK

        The Chinese love conversions, too. They will convert the local kuranimals to ZOMBIES.
        Them vodka-driven ruskies have no much patience with chechen musloids either, specially after Beslan and the several bombings perpetrated in the name of Allah in Moscow’s subway and elsewhere.

        Both criticize, though, when OTHERS do what they already did.

        • Tonto

          As much criticism as the Chinese get, they do some things that democratic societies wish they could…..like public executions of drug traffickers and no tolerance for white slavery.

      • Tonto

        Spot on SirW.  The Chechans also raid other countries for slave girls which they sell in other muz dominated countries and also use the kidnapped women as sex slaves which they market.


      As BOTH countries aren’t democratic, their leaders’ foreign policies are dictated according to trade, economic concerns , therefore they don’t give a damn about human rights as long truckloads of hard currency are poured into their coffers.


    Gadzooks Sire,many thanks to thee.


    Hey softarse,I’ve been away two days,and I’m sure not going thru all your crap just to answer your lying crap I nor  any of my fellows,are being controlled by you. GOB NON-PLUSSED.You’re just an annoying little insect and a traitor to a great country.Have you done as I suggested yet;and watched the beheading vids yet? Do it,get some popcorn put your feet up and enjoy,as I’m sure you will.Those people are innocent,helpless captives,murdered by the sick turds that you support..You rug rat,little baby boy,mummy wll, kiss your tears away,I know you sill live with the poor woman.
    How many times has she set that impossible task for you…. .get out and find a man or sheep/piggy of your own?