Liberal infestation spreading islamic propaganda in our schools?

by Kal El on January 19, 2012 · 7 comments

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Here we go again, with the politically correct fucktards, ignoring the principles on which our Nation was founded (Those Judeo-Christian values, remember?), and attempting to indoctrinate our youth into bending over for islam. Enough is enough, these teachers, principals, and superintendents need  to be fired, and have their teaching credentials revoked.  Funny how it is now forbidden for kids to pray in class, at least to Jesus, but teachers will spread the lies of islam as historical fact. Only liberals would have no problem with such hypocrisy.

Taqiyya for Kids

It was the first week in October in Newton, an upscale suburb of Boston, and Tony Pagliuso’s daughter, a sophomore at Newton South High School, was visibly disturbed. When Tony asked her the problem, she showed him a passage from the chapter she was assigned in her World History Class. It was a chapter called “Women, an Essay,” from a supplemental text called The Arab World Notebook. In a paragraph devoted to women “in the struggle for independence from colonial powers,” we find:

Over the past four decades, women have been active in the Palestinian resistance movement. Several hundred have been imprisoned, tortured, and killed by Israeli occupation forces since the latest uprising, “intifada,” in the Israeli occupied territories.

Pagliuso assured his daughter that this was “total propaganda,” and took the matter up with the young teacher, a Miss Jessica Engel, who couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. The material had been “vetted” and was deemed “appropriate,” she said, “and would stay in the curriculum. After all, she continued, the head of the history department had gotten this material at an outreach workshop of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard!

Thence to the principal,  Joel Stembridge, who glared at Pagliuso and asked, “How do you pronounce ‘Pagliuso’?” and dismissing him brusquely with a refusal to apologize, added: “If you’re unhappy with this, you should know that next year we’re planning to teach hazop material that will be even more inflammatory to your sensibilities.” (Where is Ferris Bueller when you need him?) Since Miss Jessica Engel had devoted one day each to Judaism and Christianity while spending 2 ½ weeks on Islam, Tony wasn’t sure how much more inflammatory things could get.

A couple of weeks later, nine stalwart Newton citizens presented themselves at the Newton School Committee meeting, where superintendent David Fleischman, and even the mayor, Setti Warren, were present. The citizens were courteously received, and as it happens Fleishman announced shortly thereafter that indeed the chapter “didn’t meet the learning goals of the class” and had been removed from the curriculum.

“Didn’t meet the learning goals” is Eduspeak for “What the hell is this and how the hell did it get in?” The answer to the latter is, as noted, Harvard, which, as it happens, held a seminar on Israel and Palestine at Newton South in April 2011. And Newton is far from the only community to take its lead on matters Islamic from Harvard.  Public and private schools all over Massachusetts send teachers to the Outreach Center at Harvard for guidance and (free) materials. The program, like the Center for Middle Eastern Studies itself, is heavily Saudi-funded.

The answer to what it is can be found in a number of places. In 2005, responding to a complaint from a teacher in Anchorage, Alaska, the American Jewish Committee published a thorough critique of the Notebook (the full report Propaganda, Proselytizing, and Public Education, is available at the AJC website), thanks to which Anchorage stopped using the book. As background, the AJC report explains:

The Arab World Studies Notebook was first published in 1990 under the title Arab World Notebook  [apparently Newton was using this edition], but was updated and republished in 1998 with its current title.  The funding for the publication was provided by the Middle East Policy Council, formerly the Arab American Affairs Council….The Notebook was published in conjunction with Arab World and Islamic Resources (AWAIR), founded by Audrey Shabbas, who penned many of the articles…as well as the editorial commentary throughout.

Who is this Audrey Shabbas?  The moving spirit behind AWAIR, she says all she wants from teachers is to “let you step with me to the inside, to see what a Muslim worldview looks like and feels like, so you can bring it back to your students.” This from an adoring 2002 interview posted, fittingly, at Saudi Aramco World.

A little earlier than the AJC’s report, in 2003, William J. Bennetta, president of The Textbook League, produced a preliminary assessment of the Notebook. He gives a little background:

The Middle East Policy Council, a pressure group based in Washington. D.C…adopted its present name in 1991.  The MEPC’s activities include the sponsoring of “teacher workshops” that allegedly equip educators to teach about “the Arab World and Islam.   AWAIR, which operates from Abiquiu, New Mexico, distributes printed items and videos for “ALL LEVELS-Elementary to College” and runs the “teacher workshops” sponsored by the MEPC.”

But on to the meat in Mr Bennetta’s scathing report:

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  • Trainwreck

    What I find very disturbing about all this are the dates and the funding behind it. This “social engineering” / conversion has been going on this long right under our noses. And to elementary and high schools no less hell why not let pedophiles roam the campuses as well and label it under compassionate. To the parents I say empty seats in a class room translate into school funding…Parents have a right to control what their kids are exposed to and this filth is unacceptable.

  • Yeah

     Um, it’s not forbidden for kids to pray, it’s just that the school can’t force them to pray.

    • Anonymous

       This article has nothing to do with praying. It is about indoctrination of one particular religion.

      Public schools are “forbidden” to teach any religion. However, due to the racist goals of leftards and their mohammadan masters, indoctrination of islam is being forced upon students without a fair and balanced teaching of other religions under the guise of history or social studies.

      As the father in the article stated this is nothing but propaganda. It is pro-musloid propaganda.

      Not a damn thing about “praying” in the article.

      Moreover, you musloids and your dhimmi lefties would be having hissy fits and committing acts of terror if the schools in dar al islam were trying to indoctrinate musloid children with Christian propaganda.

      Reciprocity and true equality are concepts unknown within the ummah and the ranks of the left.

      • CMartel

        You know IC; I would be much more concerned about all of this propaganda and attempted brain washing if the muslim “story” wasn’t so ridiculous to begin with.  Young people are not as gullible as you might think.  Most are very unlikely to view islam as anything but what it is, total crap.  What does bother me though is the “politically correct” mentality of school officials that allow the psychopathic ravings of a 7th century bandit, murderer and pedophile into their classrooms.  Following their logic why not include the “teachings” of Osama bin Laden and his group of criminals into the curriculum?  That way students could see the real face of

        • Anonymous

           I agree with you on your first statement.

          However, the “story” that is being presented to the students lacks all of the ridiculousness of islam. Most students aren’t fools, but they are lazy. I don’t expect many of them will further study outside of the classroom and learn the truth of the unpleasantness of islam that was NOT taught in their curriculum. They simply digest what is presented to them in the class and what is presented to them is a complete whitewash coupled with overblown fallacies of all of the “Great inventions” of islam.

          Hence we have waves of young minds that “know” that history is wrong and the crusades really were “aggressive and unprovoked,” islam is as benign as a hat full of bunnies and muslims invented everything in the world because that’s what all of their “history” books have told them because the pc brigade has no clue or no desire to teach ALL of the truth. THis entire movement of teaching islam as part of history was never intended to actually teach. If it was, it would include, as you pointed out, the “warts” of islam as well.

          It is nothing but indoctrination, pure and simple.


      So you go to one of these schools do you?

      • Gary Rumain