UK policeman named Muhammad immitates his namesake prophet, rapes little girl

by Kal El on January 26, 2012 · 6 comments

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But I am sure it had nothing at all to do with islam. I don’t care what kind of politically correct blinders you have on, to all the evil in this world, if you cannot see the problem herein, you should do everyone a favor and have yourself sterilized. I do not want your idiocy continuing, and further tainting the world my heirs will live in. The worst part about this? The rapist will only serve 18 years, while the victim gets to live with the trauma for the rest of her life.

‘Despicable’ police officer who raped girl, seven, is jailed for 18 years


A policeman was starting an 18-year jail sentence today for sex abuse which a judge described as one of the ‘most despicable’ cases he had ever heard.

The 43-year-old officer was sacked from Thames Valley Police after being disciplined for repeatedly threatening witnesses who had lodged complaints against him.

He had also phoned a 14-year-old girl witness in a case he was dealing with and asking her to go on a date him.

Judge Francis Sheriden jailed paedophile policeman Mohammed Younas after hearing how he raped a girl who was just seven years old and continued to abuse her for eight years.

He had also turned up to work drunk after consuming a bottle of vodka and was found wandering the streets randomly stopping traffic whilst on duty.

Despite his dismissal from the force, the judge heard that the sexual abuse of the girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, increased,

Younas attacked the young girl, the court was told, because his wife refused to have sex with him. He also forced another child to touch his genitals.

‘This was the most despicable offence. It’s hard to imagine a worse case,’ Judge Sheridan told the disgraced constable as he stood in the dock at Aylesbury Crown Court.

Younas had denied the 15 counts of rape and sexual assault against him but was found guilty by a jury and on Friday was sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The court had heard Younas came to the UK from Pakistan and was descended from a respectable family with two of his sisters being consultant doctors and another being a headteacher.

His father was a retired colonel in the Pakistan Army.

However the judge was told that Younas, from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, suffered a nervous breakdown due to his unhappy marriage and went off the rails as a police officer.

It was during the breakdown that the abuse started and continued until the girl had reached the age of 15 years.

At the height of the abuse Younas would rape her every other day and the court heard he would make her touch him whilst they both played a board game.

Judge Sheridan said: ‘You and your wife were totally incompatible, there was a clash of cultures and views on family life.

‘You were dismissed from the police because you were totally unsuitable to be a police officer. You displayed signs of a man on the verge of a breakdown.

‘You walked around the street drunk, stopping traffic. You threatened witnesses who made complaints against you and you rang a 14-year-old girl to ask her to go out with you.

‘The offending started at around the same time. You showed contempt for your wife and you left your victims psychologically damaged. You robbed them of their childhood.

‘It’s the most dreadful, dreadful case I must sentence you for.’

As well as being jailed for 18 years, Younas was handed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order banning him from unsupervised contact or communication with a person under 16.

He was put on the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period and given a restraining order banning him from contacting the victims.

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  • Opponent

    “But I am sure it had nothing at all to do with islam.”

    Pretty sure it didn’t. Zina (sex outside marriage) is forbidden in Islam.

    “The rapist will only serve 18 years, while the victim gets to live with the trauma for the rest of her life.”

    Terrible. That’s secular law for you. Under Shari’a, he’d be stoned to death. Now that’s real justice.

    • Anonymous

      real justice? you serious? who get to prove that this woman been raped? 4 men or 2 women and 1 man.. whatever your retarded math is. real justice for a 13 years old girl in Nigeria who have been raped by 6 men, and when she reported they stoned her. how is that for justice? talking about Justice which does not exist in Islam. there is not one thing in Islam related to democracy. Look at all arab, muslim countries? they always violent, and unhappy, only looking for who and what is opposing their book (quran) and kill him/her. why you think the US, and Eurpe are full of them now? either looking for freedom they don’t have or another jihadist mission. does what I say make sense? or should I say some crap, nonsense verses to make it islam-sense?

  • SirWilhelm

    No, under shariah law, he’d be given a slap on the wrist, and the girls would have been stoned to death for adultery. That’s Islamic justice.

  • Tonto

    Personally, I don’t think that any conversation with any muz is worth any effort at all.  Shooting muz on sight is probably the optimum in any dealings with those pukes.  Pedophiles shouldn’t even get to trial…and why should prison inmates get the pleasure of wasting them?

    • Anonymous

      very true. all they say, you twisted the verse, it is not in the quran, I looked and didn’t find it, or it is not what it means. and they start to make some idiotic explaination up, when you ask where in their heritage books does it say so, they disappear.

  • Anonymous

    well, his pedophilia prophet mohammed did it before, I think people wil think and consider him a hero, and a second prophet. idiot people (muslims) like to follow unrealistic, violent, pedophiliar, happy to kill for a mentally retarded man who call himself a prophet CRAP.