Macedonia: Albanian muslims vandalize mosque, after bad publicity over church burning

by Kal El on February 7, 2012 · 4 comments

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Wow, this is like those imbecile you see on cops, busted, red handed with drugs, in their pockets, who insist “that’s not mine!”.

Albanians vandalize own mosque to counter negative publicity

Many described as “uneducated” the individual who wrote several graffitis on a Bitola Mosque. The idea was for media to report a story of supposedly a Christian vandalizing a mosque!!  

However, this orchestrated vandalism is almost certainly an act of ethnic Albanian muslims. The reason for this as both local population and police state the culprit wrote the graffitis in terrible Macedonian, mixing both the latin and cyrilic alphabets!?  

“A Macedonian won’t butcher both the language and the alphabet as this individual did, not a chance!” says a local who saw the graffiti.  

It is well known most Albanians aren’t able to write in Cyrilic, however the individual sure made a valiant effort to do so. 

Macedonians in Bitola laughed off the “incident” claiming Albanians were trying to portray the Christians as bad after being slammed by the international community (including official Tirana) for burning a Macedonian Church few days ago.

The Irony of it all

While ethnic Albanian muslims damage Christian churches, a group of Albanians in the village of Mala Rechica has been asking local officials to donate buildinig materials and money to rebuild the St George Church after they themselves burned it in 2001.

News has spread from the village that after the 13th century Church was burned, each child born to an ethnic Albanian muslim in Mala Rechica had physical and or mental defects.

Over the years, a total of 14 children in a row were born with severe physical disabilities. The local Albanian muslim families spooked that they may have been cursed for burning the Church,  have been in a frantic mode to rebuild the Church as soon as possible, even willing to pay for it! 

Some Albanians have learned their lessons it’s wrong to burn sacred places. MINA had found the first in line to put out the fire at the Macedonian Church in Labunista few days ago were ethnic Albanians.

Authorities believe the problems comes from radical extremists among the Albanian population who have been to and accepted the wahabis teachings from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan etc. The last protest in Struga was attended by veiled women and long bearded man holding signs written in Arabic?!

The question is who are these people and when is police going to make arrests?

MINA finds police sources in Skopje do not exclude the possibility this “negative” image and the supposed inter ethnic tensions may be the work of Greek agents prior to the NATO Summit. Greek agents have manipulated Albanians in Macedonia before and are using them as their proxy.

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  • Tonto

    Can you believe what whackos these people are?  But hey, maybe all that inbreeding has, at last, come to fruition.  Now they have deformed and twisted kiddies……maybe they need to migrate back to Turkey and expand their gene pool.


    MINA needs to stop blaming the Greeks..Why doesn’t MINA talk about the organization from Skopje who burned Peloponesus in 2007..killing 84 people? Trying to cover it up? These Skopjian slavs had Albanian passports on them…trying to throw the blame on who? The Albanians…Tell you what SLAVS..why not join your brothers the Turks who you share the same DNA with. Since the 16th century you intermarried with them. Lived longer years with them than the Turks.  

  • Gstojanovski

    your macedonia is a shit nation and funcken people. FULL STOP!!!

    • Anonymous

       Such a well thought out argument from yet another musloid “intellectual!”

      You’re co-cultists who are invaders in Macedonia, burn a church, vandalize their own arse lifting center, and here you are attacking the Macedonians.

      Typical musloid bullshi’ite. And you primitives are stupid enough to believe you’re hated because of “ignorance” and the “tiny minority of extremists.”

      You are hated because of “ignornace.” Your own.