Sudanese military bomb Christian school

by Kal El on February 5, 2012 · 9 comments

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I am sure this had nothing at all to do with islam. I am sure the victims of this latest atrocity are simply taking the bombing out of context. That IS what liberals love to say whenever something like this happens, right?

Sudan bombs US-funded Bible school, forcing students, teachers to flee; US condemns attack


NAIROBI, Kenya — Sudan’s military bombed a Bible school built by a U.S. Christian aid group, prompting students and teachers at the school to run for their lives in the Nuba Mountains in South Kordofan state.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations condemned the attack.

Pictures obtained by The Associated Press on Friday showed that two stone school buildings were demolished in the attack. No one was hurt or killed despite the fact school was in session.

Ryan Boyette, a former aid worker who lives in Sudan and is now leading a team of 15 citizen journalists, spoke to a teacher at the site of Wednesday’s attack in the Nuba Mountains. The teacher, Zachariah Boulus, told Boyette that he couldn’t find his wife and children after the attack because everyone ran into the mountains for safety.

Boyette said that two of eight bombs dropped hit the school.

The Heiban Bible College was built by Samaritan’s Purse, a North Carolina-based aid group. Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham said the attack was carried out by the Sudanese Air Force.

“Please pray for the safety of believers, and that God would intervene,” Graham said.

Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said she was outraged by what she called a “heinous” bombing.

“It was the first day of school, and the campus was full of students, teachers and families,” Rice said in a statement. “While miraculously no one was killed, this attack-involving eight bombs dropped from the air-underscores the viciousness of Sudan’s ongoing military campaign in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile states.”

The Nuba Mountains have been an area of conflict between Sudan’s military and a rebel group formerly aligned with South Sudan for months. Tens of thousands of people have fled the violence. Rice said the conflict is affecting more than 500,000 people.

If the conflict continues, it could precipitate a famine, Rice said. Sudan is preventing aid groups from accessing parts of Sudan’s South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.

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    “Yay !! Let’s kill the infidel Christians !! Allah hu Akhbaaaaaaarrr !!”

    Frankly, let’s put and END to this musloid bloodthirsty activities ! Let’s teach’em a lesson they won’t be able to forget, let’s give’em a good fright to see what they got.

    No more wussy policies, please !

  • Gary Rumain

    The military don’t kill people. The bombs do.

    • Kal El

      And bullets. Don’t forget bullets. Knives/bayonnets and other various stabbing weapons too. =)

  • Tonto

    Christians are a threat to the muz since Christianity, if it becomes powerful enough, would become too attractive to those that are subjected to the insult to humanity called islam.  Christianity would also cut into the slave trade that is rampant there and thereby cut into arab profits.  Big problem for the muz….it threatens their entire power structure and way of life.

  • ljcarolyne

    I know some people blame the Jews for everything saying Rothchild, Rockerfeller etc are Jews and brought down the twin towers.  Islam is considered white as the driven snow along with Obama, pardon me, only the Jews are trouble makers – well we know that is a LIE..  The Muslims are good at lying  & killing – Christians are hated by them – and should destroy the Muzzz before they destroy them.
      Show no mercy.   GRRRR


      Rockefeller wasn’t Jewish and was an ENEMY of the Jewish People.
      Once upon a time, he taunted Ben Gurion shortly prior to the United Nations General Assembly’s vote on the partition of the British Mandate, in 1947, said that ‘Jews should decide if they wanted revenge against the Nazi war criminals ( that were moving in great numbers to America under the cover of the Operation Paper Clip) or if they wanted a State of their own. Both things wouldn’t happen under his and James Forrestal’s watch.’
      Ben Gurion was made to promise to not investigate, persecute, capture Nazi war criminals in exchange of the vital American support and recognition of the fledgling State of Israel.
      And that’s what he did, until 1960, when Mossad’s operatives captured Eichmann in Buenos Aires.

      • ljcarolyne

        Thanks so much for that information, I will pass it on.  Didn’t know that – you are great on History. I’m sorry to say I know very little along that line.  Maybe those folks will stop the condemning of Jews for everything – NOW.  I sure get tired of hearing the negative comments.  You help me a lot and so does all you guys on IAC.  The Jews are brilliant people that have had nothing but persecution.  I have some very good, loyal Jewish friends including you, JEWHAWK.  Awesome!

        • JEWHAWK

          Let’s condemn the obnoxious Jews, praise the decent ones.
          Many, many Jews are in the first category, unfortunately.

          I’m really fond of you, too, Ljcarolyne !

          By the way, did you like what my fellow Brazilian Gisele Bundchen said about the New England Patriots’s receivers ? LOL ! She was right, though. Her hubby payed very well, but someone spread butter on his team mates’s hands !
          In Boston, people are pissed with her ! Poor bilionaire bimbo…

      • ljcarolyne

        Now I’m told that Rockerfeller has Jewish blood?  That he was a Nazi that changed their name.  This person seems to be confused, Now they are saying Hitler is a JEW?  Hello!!!!