Egypt: 17 year old killed by her family for missing curfew

by Kal El on March 12, 2012 · 1 comment

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WTF is wrong with these animals? I could see grounding,  but killing? Only in the muslim world.

Egypt 17-year-old girl killed for missing curfew

CAIRO: A 17 year-old Egyptian girl was killed by her family for failing to meet her curfew in Giza. The young girl, Iman, was threatened by her mother that she “will break her neck” if she was late coming home again.

The high school student did not read much into the threats, not knowing they were about to become true. The next time she was late, her mother called her brothers, Iman’s two uncles, to come to their house and discipline the girl.

Usama, a 31 year-old driver, and Mohie, 27, a plumber, arrived at the house, planning how they would “punish” the girl.

According to a report by the New Women Foundation, a women’s rights organization in Egypt, the two men took her in a room in the back of the flat, closed the door and started their disciplinary session.

They sat her on a chair, tied her hands and feet, and started beating her with great might. Iman died on the chair, with a bruised and bleeding body. While the beating fest was on going, Iman’s younger sister was present watching.

When the two brothers suspected that the young girl died under their heavy hand, they asked the mother for help. They then put her on the lower floor of the building, right under the stairs, and said she fell to her death.

They cleaned up the house and called the police. When Iman’s body was examined at the Giza criminal coroner, the doctor found beating marks and informed General Ahmed al-Naghy, the interior minister’s assistance at the Giza security.

One of the officers also remarked that the younger sister was frightened, and went back to question her again. She finally confessed that her uncles and mother killed her sister.

The two men were shortly after arrested and later confronted with the younger sister’s story. They soon confessed to their crime, saying they were only trying to help the mother modify Iman’s behavior.

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  • Tom Payne

    Another example of what life would be like under Islamic rule.  Nice article, keep up the good work!