Figures: UN ignores terrorism, questions killing of Osama

by Kal El on March 11, 2012 · 9 comments

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Fucking useless liberals. The UN needs to be kicked out of the US. I hear Europe loves bending over for islamists and evil, let them set up shop in the UK. The Untied Kingdumb’s liberal appeasers in charge love islam.

Why Does U.N. Human Rights Council
Turn A Blind Eye to Terrorism?

Thank you, Mr. President.

UN Watch welcomes the report on the issue of human rights of victims of terrorism, A/HRC/19/38, which is before us today.  We support the exchange of information on efforts made at the international level to protect the rights of victims of terrorism and their families.

Terrorism does not grow in a vacuum. It breeds on a ground of hatred. It thrives in an atmosphere that teaches extremism, and that legitimizes violence against civilians.

This Council is the world’s highest human rights body. As such, it has the unique ability—through its sessions, resolutions and experts—to send the opposite message. It can educate the hearts and minds of millions with the message that the deliberate killing of civilians is wrong—that terrorism is illegal, immoral and a violation of the right to life. It can show sympathy and support for the victims.

And so we ask: how has the Council responded to acts of terrorism? What messages has it sent? Is its current approach helping victims?

Let us consider the record. Over the past decade, terrorist attacks were perpetrated in New York, in London, in Madrid, in Mumbai, in Iraq and in Jerusalem. These attacks, and many more, were carried out in the name of an extremist religious ideology. Thousands of innocents were killed.

How many urgent sessions did this Council convene to condemn these atrocities? Not one.

How many inquiries were created? Not one.

How many resolutions were adopted in response to these attacks? Not one.

Instead, when justice was served on Osama Bin Laden, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay questioned this act.

Instead, after staying silent when Hamas and Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets against civilians, this Council convened sessions, inquiries and reports condemning the victim for defending itself.

Instead, this Council appointed an expert, Richard Falk, whom the Palestinian Authority itself has accused of being “a partisan of Hamas.”

Mr. President,

To protect the human rights of victims of terrorism, it is time to adopt a new approach.

Thank you, Mr. Presiden

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  • SirWilhelm

    I’d like to present the argument that Islam is terroristic at it’s core. Because women are considered ” a degree less” than men, men are permitted to hit them. There are even debates among Islamic authorities on just how severe the hitting can be, but, there’s no doubt, hitting is allowed, in Islam. Letting women know they can be hit at their men’s discretion, with no recourse, is a form of intimidation through fear, isn’t it? Isn’t that terrorism? Apostates can be killed, if they try to leave Islam. Jihad is condoned by Islam, isn’t war terrifying? Examples of terroristic practices abound in Islam. What do you do with an organization that is so terroristic? Ignore it, seems to be the consensus.

  • Mkanan

    How about the terrorism that was committed by the U.S soldier? You have to be jack shit evil to murder children. 

    If you want to condemn terrorism committed by one party you have to condemn terrorism committed by the other party.

    murder is murder.
    terrorism is terrorism.

    • SirWilhelm

      One US soldier goes beserk after years of warfare in the “sandbox”, and there’s total outrage from the hypocritical Muslims and their Leftist allies. Don’t worry, the people he killed are considered martyrs, because Islam is in continual, constant jihad with the West, especially the US, and are guaranteed to go to paradise. Since Muslims love death, better than we love life, you should be happy they are dead, and in paradise, right? And, in effect, that one soldier’s life is over, the best he can hope for is life in prison. So, according to the usual calculations involved in jihad, Muslims should count this as a victory. One US soldier for 16 Muslims is about the usual ratio, isn’t it? And 16 Muslims hardly puts a dent in the 1.5 billion + Muslims available for jihad, right? At that rate, how many Muslims will it take to wipe out 300 million + Americans? Muslims are smarter than anyone else, so you do the math.

      • Gary Rumain

        But the arselifters really hate it when they are killed by us kuffar. allah doesn’t seem to like that.

    • Gary Rumain

      It was just a work place incident. You know, like the one at Foot Hood not too long ago.

  • Mkanan

    The U.S Soldier in question was the one that, left his base in the middle of the night, walked nearly a mile and once he reached the nearest Afghan village, went house to house and murdered everyone – in their sleep. He even burned some of the bodies. 

    • Anonymous

       Yeah? So what?

      You’ve got ONE unhinged soldier on a rampage and you DARE to compare it to the almost 18000 allah approved murders of civilians by your co-cultists.

      This guy will be punished by Western laws as a murderer. What he did has no approval in the West.

      Your thousands of co-cultist murderers are hailed as “martyrs” because what they do, kill kaffir, is rewarded by your bloody thirsty allah as per mien kuranmpf which permeates your twisted culture.

      Again, moral relativism utterly fails you clown.

    • Gary Rumain

      So? It was just another work place incident. Happens all the time with you korannosaurii.


    Any institution that accepts 57 koranderthal countries as its full-fledged members doesn’t deserve to be respected, but despised.
    I truly loathe the United Nations. A failed post-war experiment whose first big blunder was accepting the bloodthirsty Soviet Union as a permanent member of the Security Council.