Iraq: Homosexuals in Iraq face honor killings too

by Kal El on March 9, 2012 · 6 comments

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Not content with just killing women, islamists in Iraq are waging a campaign against homosexuals, be they men or women. Of course, no one in Washington will call for something being done about, as we don’t dare offend muslims. We’ve seen what happens when they get offended, in Trashcanistan for the last two weeks, where they have been rioting over the burning of qurans that were set to be thrown in the trash.

Homophobic murders in Iraq

The Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq has issued this protest statement jointly with Iraqi LGBT.

“New barbaric attacks started against the Iraqi LGBT in many cities like Baghdad and Basra while using inhumane methods such as hitting the head and body parts of gay victims with building concrete blocks repeatedly till death or by pushing them over high building roof which took place in Basra city. The actions of killings, torture, and dismembering against those who were described as “adulterous” by Islamic Shia militias, besides hanging lists on the walls of several sections in Al-Sadr city and in Al-Habibea region, had all terrorized the society at large and especially the Iraqi LGBT community, knowing that those attacks are directed against anyone suspected with gay practices or appearance.

“The first killings took place on the sixth of February 2012 and continued or rather escalated till the current days. One of the hanged lists in Al-Sadr city included the names and addresses of 33 person, while other lists included other tens of names in other areas. News confirmed that 42 gay men were tortured and killed so far, mostly by concrete blocks, while some by dismembering.

“The Islamic militias in Iraq believe that the religious family should consist of a male husband and a female wife, and is the cornerstone of building a pious Islamic society. Such an institution is handed to the males to rule and control. Under such an institution, they deny the right-to-life, or rather they command a death sentence against all who do not fit under the religious description of a family.

“Based on those rules, the campaigns of honor killings happen against women and LGBT under the same token. Just as women face honour killing as a result of extra marital affairs, the lesbians and the gays face the same destiny because of their sexual practices which do not relate to marriage.

“We call on all freedom-lovers of the world, the women’s and human rights organization and governments in the advanced world to put pressure on the Iraqi government to provide protection to the lgbt in Iraq, and establish legislation for defending their right to life, and criminalizing all aggressions against them. We demand also a full enquiry into the groups and criminal behind the killing campaign and that they get full punishment from the legal and correctional system.”

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  • SirWilhelm

    Why don’t they organize demonstrations and marches, like they do here in the US? You know ORGANIZE, like our Fearless Leader does? Why don’t they point out to their fellow Muslims how tolerant their religion is supposed to be? How this violence against them contradicts their cliams they make to the world that their “religion” is a peaceful one? And how lawful Islam is, that anyone can murder their fellow Muslims just becuase they are gay, or they claim they are gay? Even if they are homosexual, don’t they deserve a trial? Without a trial, anyone can claim an enemy is gay, and kill them, whether they are really gay or not? What a convenient excuse for Sunni to kill Shia, and vice versa. And all this happening when the American presence has become negligible, what a coincidence! Well, at least they can’t blame Americans for the violence and murder in their country anymore.

    • Gary Rumain

      But arselifters are the perpetual victims. They will always blame someone else.

  • Plumbline

    Now Homosexuality is a sin just like any other sin in Gods sight. But we don’t go bashing in the heads of liers, theives, adulturers, gossips, backbiters, etc. …………This just confirms the barbaric regime in control, and the brainwashed multitudes in this part of the world. Let he who is without sin, throw the first Stone. God in the End, will be the final judge of all Men…………………….

    James 2:…………………..

    8 If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you do well; 9 but if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors. 10 For whoever shall keep the whole law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all. 11 For He who said, “Do not commit adultery,” also said, “Do not murder.” Now if you do not commit adultery, but you do murder, you have become a transgressor of the law.

  • Mkanan

    I’m positive that if there was no law in America that punished murderers, then all the crazy super religious Christians would be doing the same thing those Iraqi’s have done. 

    We have homophobic people in America, a lot actually. We even have 3 running for President. Santorum, Romney and Newt.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your point you egregiously stupid troglodyte?

      There ARE laws in America, and most of the West, that DO punish murderers and people who simply harass homosexuals.

      There are no such laws in your musloid countries. There are, however, allah the impotent’s hateful, anti-gay, anti-female, anti-non muslims laws so you musloids are free to mete out allah the impotent’s injustice on whomever you please.

      You just haven’t a clue as to how utterly asinine your moral equivalency arguments are.

      • u2764ufe0fAlycia Horanu2764ufe0f

        Dude. He said IF there weren’t those laws. Learn to read before you judge eh?. They’re completely right. There are many homophobic christians and people in America who would go and be doing the same thing. Also, just because some people are extreme in their religions (Whether it be Christian, Wiccan, Muslim, or any other) doesn’t mean everyone in that religion is. So shut your mouth and stop being an Islamophobic asshole eh?. And before you start calling me out. I’m an Agnostic. And I live in America. So just learn to think before you speak…. Or is that impossible with your impeccably small brain?.