Islamist Louis Farrakhan throws African slaves under the bus

by Kal El on March 22, 2012 · 18 comments

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And why wouldn’t he? After all, according to him, the white man is the enemy, not muslims, who STILL PRACTICE SLAVERY. Slavery is an inherent part of islam, seeing as how islam means submission.

Farrakhan’s Secret Relationship


Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan addressed an estimated 600 students at UC Berkeley last Saturday, and told  Black students not to befriend any Jew without first reading “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews,” a book whose thesis is that “the Jews” were behind the black slave trade.  Heck of a way to start up a friendship!

Scholars both black and white have exposed the NOI book as a pack of lies, a modern day calumny which, much like their medieval analogues — “the Jews poisoned the wells,” “the Jews make matzo with the blood of Christian children” –is meant to incite hatred for Jewish people. Dangerous hatred. The Daily Californian reports that Jewish students were hurt and shocked.  No doubt.

But what will be more shocking perhaps is Minister Farrakhan’s own semi-secret relationship with the modern day slaving of African Blacks by people, and in countries, that the NOI leader has an interest to protect.  In 1994, an African Muslim from Mauritania  – Mohammed Athie — and I broke the story of a modern day slave trade in Mauritania and Sudan, in The New York Times .  We reported that “perhaps 300,000” African Muslims were still serving Arab/Berber masters. “Black Africans in Mauritania were converted to Islam more than 100 years ago,” we wrote, “but while the Koran forbids the enslavement of fellow Muslims, in this country race outranks religious doctrine. These people are chattel: used for labor, sex, and breeding. They may be exchanged for camels, trucks, guns or money. Their children are the property of the master.”

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  • Tonto

    What most people don’t understand is that with many black leaders, Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton, just to name a few, it’s not about doing anything for anybody else, it’s about personal power, recognition, the big paycheck and the feeling that they have huge backing to do anything ridiculous they want and be able to get away with it.  All of hose above named persons exemplify how really disgusting and venal people can be.


    Unfortunately, many Jews were involved with slave trafficking, although to single them out for doing that is utterly disingenuous since most of the slave dealers obviously weren’t Jews.
    Having said that, I’m proud that not a single cent earned by my family came from the abhorrent slave business, since my grandparents came from Romania shortly before World War I, while slavery ended in 1888 in Brazil.
    I’d be hugely embarrassed, mortified had my grandfather dealt with slaves.

    • Gary Rumain

      I understand that there’s a big population of arselifting noggers in Brazil.

      • JEWHAWK

        Nothing less than a MILLION of’em, unfortunately.
        Thankfully, there are 199 million of Brazilians who aren’t !
        They actively plot schemes, raise funds to Hamas and Hezbollah. They also engage in P.R efforts to portray the musloids as “peaceful, hard-working Brazilian citizens” “as everyone else”… yeah, right.
        Brazilian Intelligence Agency ( ABIN) is allegedly eavesdropping, wiretapping them koranderthals with the help of MI-6, CIA and Mossad.

        • Gary Rumain

          Good. The percentage doesn’t look that bad. I didn’t realise Brazil was that populous.

          • JEWHAWK

            The percentage of koranimals in Brazil oughta be ZERO.
            We’ve got enough tropical diseases caused by pestilent mosquitoes, such one called DENGUE FEVER, who is already rife in all major cities, due to our pervasive lack of sanitary infrastructure.
            Problems such musloids and mosquitoes only could be dealt with INSETICIDE…
            ssssssssssssssssssssss !!

          • Gary Rumain

            Yes, zero would be a lot better. Let the mossies give dengue fever to the muzzies. Perhaps the korannosaurii will then go extinct.

          • Diarra Dunlap

            I wouldn’t mind seeing them driven OFF the continents of Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania,  Europe, North America, South America, and… oh, wait, that’s all of them.

          • JEWHAWK

            I’d be satisfied by the ABSENCE of koranderthals in Europe, Americas, Australia and New Zealand.

          • Diarra Dunlap

            Not me…

          • Gary Rumain

            Yes, I don’t want any in Antarctica. Especially during ramadamadingdong. ;-)

          • Gary Rumain

            Well, you can’t make everyone happy but the majority comes first.

    • Diarra Dunlap

      Yeah, but just about EVERYBODY was involved with slave trafficking from the farthest Antiquity after  the Tower of Babel to about the middle of the 18th Century, when the Abolitionist movement began to take shape in Britain and, to a lesser extent, Britain’s continental North American colonies (Currently known as the United States of America and Canada (British after 1759 and the battle of the Plains of Abraham)). The anti-Slavery movement was, and is, powered, mostly by Christians and Jews of all “races,” brought on by their looking into their faith and relationship with the Almighty and thus being moved to act to break chains, physical and spiritual. Islam has yet to acknowledge the basic humanity of non-Muslims.

      I’m tired of people wanting to hold white people from Europe and the Americas continually responsible for the ills of Slavery, particularly when they want to turn a blind eye to the plight of my fellow black folks in Sudan, Mauritania, and other parts of Islam. We can thank the “race hustlers” (black and white) for perpetuating this mess of “blame the white guys,” while not really doing much to help black people either in the US or elsewhere come up further than we have come. In fact, these folks serve to keep us back, just like KKK folks have held white folks back from realizing their full human potential.

      Be proud of who you are, yes! We all should (except perhaps murdering criminal rapist racist slaving pedophiles, of course) be able to be proud of who we are without needing to disparage other people based solely on things they have absolutely NO control over.

  • Upaces

    They have been banging White People in the U.S. for far too long for the Slavery Issue.  Muslims had African Slaves for eons and were evil the way the treated them.
    Slavery in Islam – Answering Islam, A Christian-Muslim Dialog …Although Muslims took slaves from all over the lands they conquered, many of the Muslim slaves were black Africans. There were forced …​slavery.htm  - Cached

    Islam Watch – “Blacks Calling Themselves Muslims Should Be …Muhammad owned several black slaves. Muslim scholar Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya relies heavily on the prophet’s biographies written by great early Islamic …​Should-Be-Ashamed.htm - CachedMuslim Mass-Castration of Black African Slaves - Tidiane N …Learn about todays Muslim enslavement of blacks in Sudan  - Cached The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story …Islams Arab prophet Muhammad himself brought, kept and sold African slaves. Sahih Muslim Book 10 Number 3901 … And he bought him for two black slaves, …  - Cached Islamic views on slavery – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • Youssef

    The website of Ennahda, Tunisia’s largest political party, was hacked this morning by a Tunisian group claiming affiliation with the international cyber activist collective, Anonymous.
    The hacktivists wrote a message on saying that the party has done nothing for the Tunisian people so far, and called it to leave. “As long as there is no justice, there will be no peace, Nahdha This is you our message to you! Degage (leave)! Your time is over! You have done nothing to the Tunisian people! out Now!,” they wrote.
    Read more:

  • Tonto

    Farrakhan is what is known here in the US as a “Race Pimp”.  He sells the idea of race victimhood and divisiveness to fill his own pockets and give himself a feeling of power….same with other Race Pimps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, who excercise their BS strategy from the Christian viewpoint rather than the fake muslim angle that Farrakhan works.  The question has been increasingly raised asking “who is MORE racist?  Blacks or whites

  • Diarra Dunlap

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve suspected the NOI was a fraud for YEARS. Of course he isn’t going to speak up for Black folks if the “oppressor” isn’t a white European, American, or Jew. Particularly so if the oppressor is a fellow Muslim.

  • Anonymous

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