Pakistan: Man sentenced to life in prison for blasphemy

by Kal El on March 21, 2012 · 3 comments

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Free speech? Nah! This is islam, wherein no such thing as freedom is to be found. As this poor schmuck is finding out.


Court gives life-term to SHO for blaspheming


KASUR - A court on Friday awarded life-imprisonment to Police Station House Officer (SHO) Manzarul Haq Shah Jahan for uttering blasphemous remarks against the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Additional District and Sessions’ Judge Chaudhry Umar Hayat handout out the verdict on a case registered at the complaint of Muhammad Younis. The complainant had alleged that the then SHO of Raja Jung Police Station had uttered blasphemy in a conversation with him and two other men, Javed Iqbal and Hafiz Shahid, on street crime. Younis had alleged that the SHO called Hafiz a “Maulvi” and used blasphemous words against the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The complainant had added that he was getting the case (No 20/2009) registered at the police station under Section 295-C after discussing the incident with 65 members of a mosque.
A fatwa was also issued by religious scholars of prominent seminaries like Darul Aloom and Jamia Naeemia, Lahore, against the SHO. In his judgement, the judge observed that the offence of blasphemy had been fully proven against the accused, and that he had been found guilty. The judge awarded life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 200,000 in the case, adding that the accused would have to undergo further two years of imprisonment if he failed to pay the fine.

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  • Tonto

    Instead of “blasphamy”, read “treason” against the islamic regime.  That’s what it really means.  That islam is said to be a “religion” is a lie.  It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with control, slavery and power in the hands of a very small cadre of so-called “religious elites”.  It’s also the most demeaning, repressive and absolutely stupid theocracy the world had ever seen.  I cannot even think of any more vile appelation that that of “muslim” or “islamic”.  Those very words fill me with disgust and loathing.

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