Pakistani woman burned with acid in honor attack commits suicide

by Kal El on March 29, 2012 · 10 comments

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I remember reading about this woman back in 2000 when it happened. I was completely ignorant about islam, so I thought it was an aberration, and not a common occurrence. Now, having lived in the muslim world, I know better., and have seen worse.

Acid victim Fakhra Younus’ suicide shames all Pakistan

FAMILY and friends of a former Pakistani dancer who committed suicide after being heavily disfigured by an acid attack in 2000 said her death brought shame on Pakistan. Fakhra Younus, cenaless brasil 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome on March 17, almost 12 years after the attack which she said left her looking “not human”.

At the time of the attack, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid over her face as she slept.

The attack, in front of her then five-year-old son, left her unable to breathe and fighting for her life. She underwent 39 surgical procedures to repair her face in the past decade.

The acid almost completely corroded her nose, burned off her hair, fused her lips, blinded her in one eye, destroyed her left ear and burned her breasts.

After being rushed to hospital she said “My face is a prison to me”, while her distraught son said at the time “This is not my mother”.

Ms Younus moved to Italy to continue treatment in Rome. She left a suicide note complaining of legal indifference to such atrocities and insensitivity by Pakistan’s rulers. Bilal Khar was arrested in 2002 and charged with attempted murder after the attack, only to be released on bail after five months.

The ex-parliamentarian and son of a wealthy Pakistani governor was eventually cleared of the attack, though many believe he could have used his family connections to escape conviction.

Since news of Ms Younus’s suicide emerged, Khar has continued to deny any part in the attack. He has claimed in a television interview that a different man with the same name carried out the crime.

Khar claimed that his ex-wife killed herself because she did not have enough money, not because of her injuries.

More than 8,500 acid attacks, forced marriages and other forms of violence against women were reported in Pakistan in 2011, according to The Aurat Foundation, a women’s rights organisation.

The Pakistani government introduced new laws last year criminalising acid attacks and stating that convicted attackers would serve at least 14 years in jail.

Tehmina Durrani, the ex-wife of Bilal Khar’s father, had become an advocate for Younus after the attack, and said Younus had pledged to bring her attacker to justice when she had recovered.

Ms Durrani urged the Pakistani government to do much more to prevent violence against women.

“I think this whole country should be extremely embarrassed that a foreign country took responsibility for a Pakistani citizen for 13 years because we could give her nothing, not justice, not security,” she said.

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      My own experience with women at school and work proved me that actually they are SMARTER, MORE PROFESSIONAL, HARD-WORKING than men.

      Brilliant women who had the chance, thrived. Madame Curie, Amelia Earhardt, Clara Schumann and several others managed to surpass their male counterparts.


      Within Orthodox Judaism, women won’t have that chance. They are programmed to breed and worship God. That’s it. A sad waste of brilliant minds going to a sterile intellectual dumpster.

      Under Islam, though, women have the worst treatment of all religions, no doubt about it. They are savagely humiliated, raped, brutalized…
      That’s the main reason why koranderthal countries are so politically, economically and socially backward.
      While they keep this coward and criminal attitude toward their women, they won’t have none but themselves to blame for their appalling stupidity, poverty and terrorist-driven society.

    • Immi Dee

       You disgust me you simple minded idiot. Those who dare to commit crimes such as this wouldn’t dare be regarded as a Muslim.

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  • Plumbline

    Oh the cruelty of the human heart that thinks they have to defend some stupid honor in the name of there god……..I find the attacks on woman in the Islamic areas of the world so atrocious and dispicable. Oh the suffering of humanity by human vessels. A better day is coming when Jesus , who treated all equally with Love and compassion, returns to this earth as King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. God Bless . Come quickly Lord Jesus.

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  • Gustaaf van Surksum

    I don’t know whether Bilal Khar is a very common name over there…
    Chances of someone with the same name attacking some woman in the same city: rather small.
    Chances of someone with the same name attacking your ex-wife: infinitely small.