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john-veniceWelcome to IAC!

I’m John. A little about me:

  • I live in the bankrupt state of California
  • I am an internet Marketer and Webmaster of many sites
  • I am an expert in SEO
  • I have over 30,000 Twitter followers (Follow me)
  • I have a wife and 2 dogs
  • I’ve created, produced, designed and developed DOZENS of blogs.
  • I’m addicted to politics and am a total news junkie.
  • Sat on Blogger Row at Western CPAC 2009 (See More Here)
  • Produced a nationally syndicated radio show and Podcast in 2009 (Tammy Bruce)
  • Featured on The Rodger Hedgecock Show (Listen here)

With the many great relationships I’ve made throughout the anti-jihad blogosphere as well as many conservative blogs, I truly feel lucky to know so many great individuals who are doing the same as I. Not just other bloggers, but all of our regular readers and commenters as well. We’re just a couple voices trying to make a difference.

z70KAL EL (Co-editor)

I am a die-hard supporter of The Constitution AS IT WAS WRITTEN, not as it is interpreted by liberals, and enemies of the United States, both foreign and domestic. I absolutely believe The Constitution GUARAN DAMN-TEES my (and your) right to free speech, peaceful assembly, to worship as you choose (PEACEFULLY, not with the intent to destroy The Constitution and supplant it), the right to bear arms, and defend that which is mine through my own hard work. I have never, and never will believe taking something I have earned and giving it to someone who sits on their ass all day will make for a more prosperous society.

I do not pass judgement on anyone nearly as harshly as I judge myself for all the mistakes that I have made (and there are PLENTY that pepper the history of my life). I also do not pull my punches, whether verbal or physical (in self defense only). If I see something wrong, I make it known that I think it is wrong. I am NOT PC. Political Correctness is simply a means of lying both to one’s self and others to make yourself and/or them feel good.

Some cool things about IAC:

  • Blog started mid 2006
  • Over 5000 posts
  • Over 50,000 comments
  • Facebook page over 3000 fans (Become a fan)
  • Over 40,000 Twitter Followers (Follow us)